Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Job interview for Andy...

for a second job. He's going in tomorrow after work to interview for a 2nd shift position with Meijer for his 2nd job. I don't have any doubt that he can get it as he's worked there before. I just pray that we're able to pull the moving expenses together quickly. I have set a date of October 31 for a shooting date to move. We won't have moving expenses by then, so it will just be Deidra and I going down to move and Andy will follow as quickly as he can. If my transfer from Home Depot doesn't go through by then, I'm just going to quit and go down and find any old job that I can. I know someone will take me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

all the unknowns...

Hi Abba. All the unknowns are starting to get to me. I keep wondering if and when my transfer is going to go through. How hard is it going to be to find a house we like? Andy's stressing over the money to move once we found out how much it was going to be just to get the u-haul. I pray that the money will come together for us. It seems like something is in the water with people announcing pregnancies, and while I am happy for them...I hurt a little bit for us each time I hear someones news. I keep wondering when is it going to happen for us. I had a meltdown last night watching Deidra play in the play area at the mall with all the little ones around. All I keep wondering is if we're going to have another little one of our own. Andy told me that I could choose to wallow in it or know that we're trying our best to make it happen. I know that, but I still have my moments of weakness with it all. Please help our fertility treatments to be successful, Abba. Please help my transfer from Home Depot to go through at the right time, and please help Andy to find a good paying job down in Texas...and please lift our spirits. We have a lot to be thankful for too and I know that... I'm just such a planner and all these unknowns are starting to get to me. So, I figured it was time for me to hand my worries over to You.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Another birthday...

Hi Abba! I'm 29 years old today. I have a hard time approaching 30, since that is the year my mom died. I just keep telling myself that I just need to get back into focusing on bettering myself health-wise and I'll hopefully be ok. Please help me stay on track with exercising and making better food choices so I don't have to worry. I know I need to teach myself some better self-discipline. :-) It's not always easy though.

I had a pretty good birthday, despite being sore from my surgery (had 3 fibroid tumors removed) and some people that are very important to me forgetting that it was my birthday. I was just a little disappointed. Andy and Deidra brought me home a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake from Cold Stone and we all went out to dinner at Applebee's. We also stopped by a new scrapbook store that just opened up here in town. They're really small, but it is a nice store and the lady was really friendly. I bought myself a birthday present from Andy....I got 2 frame-up kits to use in Deidra's book. Yeah, it's my birthday but they're for her book. How does that work? lol. She has been having fun pulling her books out and looking at them lately though, so I know it's all worth it.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Another Year of Marriage...

Thank you for blessing our marriage, Jesus. We made it through year #7. I'm quite proud of us with all that we've been through and I look forward to many more years to come with Andy. I spent the day at home with Deidra while Andy was at work. I got Deidra and I all dressed up for our outing to Olive Garden. Andy thought we looked nice. We wound up getting a glass of wine with dinner and that wasn't a very good idea for me with my sugars. But, I got through it after eating some breadsticks and gulping down some water. :-) Andy got a chicken dish, Deidra got her spaghetti, and I got the never-ending pasta bowl. We were all so full. It was a nice time out and I am just so thankful for my marriage. Sure, we have our rough spots from time to time, but I know that we genuinely love each other and it's our love for one another that pulls us through. Thank you for your blessings upon our marriage, Abba.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Moving to Texas?

Hi, dear Jesus. It's me again. We have been discussing whether or not moving to Texas is the right thing for us to do. Andy has been looking at jobs down there and says there is a better job market for what he wants to do down there as opposed to here. My Mom and my brothers are down there, so we would know people and have some support down there. We've both been getting increasingly frustrated with things. It seems like we always have to work a lot harder than others to obtain the things that we want and that leaves me wondering what we've done wrong. Although, I'm not sure life is really about that. Anyway, we know that a lot of our frustrations with things comes from money. Yes, we're doing better than we were awhile ago, but it's still such a struggle at times to get ahead and still try to shoot for our dreams of getting out on our own again, getting into our own house again, having another baby and we keep trying to put all that into Your Hands as we know that You know best. The subject of Texas keeps coming up and I know Mom prays about it to You a lot to that You'll bring us down there. I decided last night to see if I could get a transfer to a Home Depot down there as a starting point. So, I put the applications out to the Waxahachie store as well as Cedar Hill for a full-time positions as a cashier or cashier supervisor. I'll go down first with Deidra and stay with Mom, while Andy stays here until Spring to stockpile cash while working all the hours that he can. I can go down and look at houses too and find a place for us to live. Help us to know whether this is the right decision for us. Guide us and help us to know the right things to do.

Remembering 9/11

Hi Abba. I wanted to take a minute in remembrance of 9/11 and lift up the souls of the departed to You. I also wanted to pray for continuing peace and comfort for the families during their continued grief. It was such a tragedy that happened and still seems so mind blowing to me. I still remember watching the coverage on tv and it seeming like a movie unfolding rather than the true reality that it was. So, I just wanted to take a few minutes to pray for all the families that 9/11 affected and lift them all up to You.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Forgive me for being jealous...

Hi Abba! Forgive me for being jealous lately. I watch so many people doing the things that we've wanted for so long and I'm left wondering why so many seem to have it so easy and we have such a hard time attaining what we so desire. I know things happen only in Your Time and we need to be patient. I'm just really struggling. My 2 closest friends are pregnant and I so badly want to be pregnant too. Help us, Abba. Deidra would make such a good big sister and Andy and I both want to add to our family. I have the baby bug so badly. I miss that baby smell and the soft baby skin and the baby coes and all the baby cuddles. Help us to get pregnant soon, Abba.

I've been jealous of those buying new houses or building lately too. Help us find a house for us that is affordable and something that we can all be happy with and grow into. I miss our stuff that we have in storage and I miss our own privacy and I know that my FIL is probably more than ready to have his house to himself too. Lift my spirits and help me with patience and with being happy for others.