Thursday, February 24, 2011

St. Joseph and St. Jude

I'm going to invoke your intercession for 2 big things. My Mother-in Law is trying to sell her condo in Phoenix on short sale so that she can move and be closer to us and her grandkids. She wants to move in with us until she gets a job and can get back on her feet. Her sister is here too so it would be nice for her to have a support system. It's been almost a year (April 1) since she lost her husband. We just want to be there for her and it would be nice for us too to have more support as well and the kids would be able to get to know their other grandma as well. We ask that you, St. Joseph, will intercede and help her sell her home soon so that she can move and be here with us.

I have a friend that we met fostering as well that her and her husband are fighting to adopt their little girl that they've had. I don't want to post too much online about it, but they are a great Christian family, and they just want what is best for her. She's 2 now and really only understands that my friend and her husband are her Mommy and Daddy. When she sees her birthmom, she really doesn't understand that is her birthmom. Please let my friend and her husband be able to adopt this precious little girl and give her a Christian home to grow up in and always know that she's loved and kept safe. St. Jude, I am praying for your intercession with this one. They go to court in March and I pray that this little girl will be allowed to stay with my friend and her husband and her son. They love her SO much and want what is best for her.

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Melina has the flu again...

I wound up taking Melina in a couple of days ago as she was SO fussy. She's normally pretty calm and laid back and a very happy baby. I thought maybe that she had another ear infection. I called and made her an appt that morning and they couldn't see her until 4. Well, shortly after lunch she just started screaming and nothing I tried worked to calm her down. I had Andy call and see if they could see her sooner as I really didn't want to see her suffer. Another pediatrician had an earlier appt, so he came home to be with the other kids and get the kids from school while I took Melina in. Her ears looked good, her throat was red and so they swabbed her for strep throat and that came back iffy. She said that most of her iffy tests that she sends off to the lab to be cultured come back as negative, so she was going to assume that it was negative and if the lab came back showing that it had grown strep then she'd give me the antibiotics, but for now she was going to call it negative. She then wanted her tested for the flu and I was shocked when it came back positive. She hasn't been running a fever and I thought I'd see a fever like last time if she had the flu. This is the 2nd time in 2 months that she's had the flu (the same type even...type A). They told me to watch her breathing and make sure she's staying hydrated and told me to rotate tylenol and motrin to help keep her comfortable and give her lots of rest. I feel SO bad for her. This has been one heck of a cold/flu season for our household. Lord, please restore health to our house.

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Dad and Heart Troubles

Dad came in for a routine check-up to renew his blood pressure meds and get some medicine for a sinus infection that he had. He had been telling the NP about some shortness of breath that he had and some chest pain that he had been having and she kept telling him it was side effects from the medication and would get better and that he was getting carpal tunnel. Well, he wound up having an appt with a doctor this time that works with her and he wound uphaving him come in for a stress-test and doppler the very next morning. From there, he was sent to see a cardiologist as they found a heart blockage and were thinking he may need some stents. The cardiologist met with him and talked about some things and scheduled him for an angioplasty at the hospital that following MOnday (this was a Friday). They were unsure as to what he was going to need, but said they'd know more once they did the heart catheterization, and to pack a bag just in case he needed to be admitted or anything. I took him in Monday at 5:30 am...they took him back around 8 am and told me it would take about 30 minutes. An hour and 10 minutes later, I started getting really anxious and just as I was going to get up to ask the volunteer to see what was going on, the cardiologist came out to tell me that he had a lot of blockage and they had debated about sending him for open heart surgery and doing bypass, but finally settled on 2 stents and seeing how that would do first. He has 3 blockages and got 2 stents. They're hoping that the 1 stent will help 2 of the blockages that he had. He spent the night in the hospital and he has to go back to see the cardiologist in the beginning of March. Dad and I both got a little emotional when I was allowed to go back and see him in recovery and I made him promise me that from now on, he'll keep all of his doctor appts. I'm not ready to lose him just yet.

Since it was Valentine's Day on the day of his procedures, Andy was really sweet and stayed home with the kids so that I could be with my Dad. He even snuck a letter for me in with my Dad's paperwork so that I could find it while it was at the hospital. It's weird that I had been dealing with so many feelings and emotions that I had tried to talk to him about briefly and I told him I really didn't know how to explain what I was feeling...well in that letter it really came out that he understood all that I was feeling and what I was going through. That to me is totally a God thing...Andy really is my rock and the bond that we have is awesome. I love him so much. I am SO blessed to have him for a husband.

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