Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On to Day 6 of a High Fever...

My goodness...I feel so badly for Deidra. They sent her home from school on Thursday because she was saying her stomach hurt. I got her home and not even an hour later she was running a 102 fever. Friday she was home from school and crying because it hurt really bad. She was really pale and all she wanted to do was sleep. Saturday my brother stayed with her while Andy and I ran down to Austin. She was acting fine, but pale and tired...but more awake than she had been. I brought her to dinner with me and my brother and she barely ate. By the time she was ready for bed her fever had spiked again and her eyes had that sunk in look to them and they were all red and her lips were really dry. I had her sit and drink for a couple of hours before I let her go to bed as I was worried that we were going to wind up in the ER to rehydrate her. It was a battle as she was scared to drink because she didn't want to throw up. Sunday, all she wanted to do was sleep, but I was worried about her and kept waking her up to take drinks of things. Her color was looking better, but her eyes are all red. She started acting more like herself again in the afternoon and when I put her to bed her fever looked like it was starting to come back down. She wanted to go to school on Monday, but I told her that we had to see what her fever was doing come morning. I took it Monday morning and it was back to 101. My goodness! I put in a call to the doctor to see what they thought and I was told that strep was going around as well as two strains of the flu. Great! I talked with the nurse and she told me to keep her hydrated and if she continued to run a fever in a couple of days that they probably needed to see her. This morning (Tuesday), I took her temp and it was 100.8. I debated about what to do...she's already missed about 7 days of school this year and if she gets anything else throughout the next couple of months I didn't want to risk her passing 2nd grade due to missing too many days...so I gave her some motrin and let the teacher know that she wasn't feeling all that well and if things got to be too much for her today that I'd come get her early. I worry about her falling too far behind as well, but since they're counted present for the day at 10 am, I figured if I can just get her to hang in there for 2 hours...I won't have to worry about them counting her absent. Well, she made it through the whole day of school, but by the time I got her at the end of the day she fell asleep almost as soon as she got in the car and when I took her temperature it was 101. We had some errands to run for our adoption stuff that they needed right away. So, I had to drive up to Dallas to have Andy sign a paper at work and then run them over to the agency. I got home and Deidra has so much homework just from 2 days of school that she missed, that we had to work on some and then she wanted to play outside. I thought maybe the sun and the fresh air would do her some good, so she went out to play for almost an hour. She is just so weak and worn out...I feel so awful for her. She started crying this afternoon because she's so tired of feeling badly and being so tired. If her temp isn't better tomorrow, I guess it's time to bring her in to the doctor to see what's going on. I had a light version of what she had over the weekend, but thankfully I'm better now. I just hope none of the other kids get it. We're doing respite this week for the girls' little brother (he's 15 months) this week too, so I'm hoping he doesn't catch it either.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Stomach bugs...

I've had some intestinal bug over the past couple of days, I woke up this morning and started throwing up. Baby T had a run with diarrhea this morning. Baby J and Little E were just determined to find trouble and I was after them all morning long. Got lunch around (chicken noodle soup) while I tried not to puke.... Baby T tried falling asleep in her chair and I went over to help her eat so I could go lay her down. The next thing I know is she's projectile vomiting everywhere. While I got her cleaned up, Baby J and Little E are spreading soap all over the bathroom, getting into the toothbrushes and the bath salts and just making a mess. So, once I got her cleaned up and put to bed I got to clean up that mess, clean them up, and put Baby J down for a nap. He kept busting out of his room and trying to bust into Baby T's room. At 2, I changed our appts around for tomorrow and pleaded with Andy to come home as I desperately needed to lay down with as miserable as I felt. He came home at 2:30 and I laid down for awhile while he answered some calls and worked from home. I just tried to eat again and my stomach feels off again. Hopefully, I won't have to take another trip to the bathroom here soon. I hate being sick....

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It's skin cancer...

My Dad called last night to get some info on his finances and he let me know that the doctor had called him to let him know that his biopsies came back. It's skin cancer. I asked him what type and he wouldn't tell me much as he didn't want me to worry. He said that Mom was taking the day off of work to take him to an appt at the specialist on March 2. They're going to re-open him up and look inthere with microscopes to see if they got it at all or if they can get it all. They told him that it would take most of the day and that he wouldn't feel up to driving afterwards. But, after that appt hopefully they'll know a plan of action. I'm praying that they'll have removed it all and he won't need a plan of action. He told me not to worry and that he'll be alright. As soon as I got off the phone, I dissolved into tears. I went over to my Mom's and my brother Jimmie comforted me. He didn't know, but I felt I had to tell him as he had no idea why I was crying and he thought that someone had died or gotten divorced with how badly I was crying. He took me out to McDonalds and by the time we got back, my Mom was at home. I talked to her for a bit and then came home. Andy was up waiting for me when I got home and was very sweet. He tucked me into bed and put his arms around me and he told me that no matter what happens, he's here for me. I thought it was awfully sweet. Please life my Daddy up in your prayers if you don't mind. I just want him to be ok.

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Just a general update...

We are doing well. Andy has ordered his harpsichord that he's been wanting forever. We paid off a ton of debt, put some towards our MI trip in March, and into savings. It feels good to be accomplishing paying off our debts and to know that we just have our student loans, the van, and the house left to pay off.

We are working on Baby J's adoption stuff...CPS informed me today that there's a hold-up as Mom gave them the wrong information on the place of his birth and after they finally were able to track it down we found out that the hospital storage is in the process of moving and it's going to take 4-6 weeks to get his records as of today. And here I was thinking that they were all waiting on me and I've been trying to get all my stuff done that I need to. Guess, I can settle down a bit as this may take awhile longer yet. He is so mellow on meds now...he listens and follows directions so much better. I wish we would have been able to start meds sooner. It's totally made a difference in our household.

I had to take Baby T back for her test today and I got to talking with the fostermom that has her baby brother. She asked me if I had heard anything about whether or not they were going to do any homestudies on anybody else and I told her that I thought they were just going to leave the kids where they are and that there wasn't anyone else to check. We talked about some other stuff and then went on our way as we had to go get Deidra from school and were hoping we weren't going to be late.

Deidra has been doing well. She is a great big sister and can be a really big help with them. She's been having some issues with getting in trouble at school for excessive talking and not listening. It's the same things I'm battling with her here at home for along with her talking back and arguing about everything that Andy and I say to her. I don't know what her deal is, but she can get so hyper and rowdy at night and she bounces off the walls when we're trying to get homework done. Other times, she's completely mellow. One of her friends was just off meds for ADHD and I don't know if it rubbed off on Deidra for awhile or what, but man she can get hyper. She's been spending lots of time being grounded over the past couple of weeks. Overall, she's doing well though.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I guess I do have a mean streak...

I was supposed to have the speech therapist out here on Monday and Tuesday. Monday she never showed up. Never called, never showed. This has been going on for awhile now. Tuesday, I decided I was going for a drive when she was supposed to come out so that we purposely wouldn't be at home. I'm tired of having a schedule, trying to deal with things that pop up (like the paternity test thing) and fitting that stuff in, only to have to reschedule therapy appts because they can't keep their appts. She called this morning and I purposely didn't answer the phone...her message said "oh, I was calling to see if I could schedule with you for this week as I haven't had time to come out yet this week and I think I forgot to tell you that." And then she laughed. I'm skipping speech this week, she can pick up with me next week IF she can stick to her schedule. I understnad that things come up here and there, but this almost a weekly occurance and I'm done.

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Well, that was fun...

The girls' CPS worker called at 11:30 this morning to let me know that Baby T needed to be down at the courthouse down there at 1 to do a test on her. Since I didn't want to go down there by myself (the jail and everything is in the building and it's in a sketchy part of town, Andy told me he'd go with me). The occupational therapist had just arrived and started therapy and so we had to cut that short as well. Andy got home just before noon and we got down there at 12:45 and met Mom and Baby T's dad (they have the same eyes so I think he's trying to delay the inevitable). We waited and waited and nobody showed up. Mom) said that they were told to wait out in the hall and that the testing people weren't there yet. At 1:30 I tried calling the CPS worker and was told she wasn't in the office. They called her to let her know what was going on and she thought we were in the wrong building, but I told her that we were in the Justice office where she told me to go and that all of us were there. CPS told me that we had to wait as it was ordered by the judge (at a hearing that the AG courts did with Mom and Dad this morning). So, we hung out and talked and Mom played with the kids a bit. We all took turns calling CPS and finally Baby T's Dad called his attorney to find out if they knew what was going on. He couldn't get anywhere, so I had to call my Mom to pick up Deidra from school. Mom finally called her attorney and finally her attorney was able to tell us that the papers she had faxed over to her said it was for next Monday instead. So, we get to go back and do it all over again next week. Very frustrating day, UGH!

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