Friday, August 26, 2005

Exciting Job Opportunity for Andy

Hi Abba. I just wanted to come to You and ask that You help Andy to get this job. He came home so excited about this opportunity and I haven't seen him like this in quite awhile. This job would be working for the DeVos family (they own quite a lot of the GR area in MI). They actually have set up a company just to manage their family's affairs. Andy would be providing tech support for them and their family, many buildings that they own and operate, as well as even the maids and gardeners and people that work directly for their family. He'd have to wear a suit everyday and he'd have his own expense account and he'd have excellent benefits for all of us as well as a nice salary. Opportunities like this don't come around everyday, especially here in MI where the unemployment rate is still quite high. He was so excited about this and I'd love to see him get this job. Please help him, Abba. He's getting so tired of all the drama going on at CompuLit and all the work he's doing for little pay, but he's got a strong work ethic and he's good at what he does. Help him, Abba. I think this would do wonders for his sense of self-esteem as well. I thank you in advance for all Your blessings upon our family each and every day.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


One more thing, I wanted to talk to you about, Abba, was to ask for your help in focusing and staying on track. We have so much going on lately. We're both working full time, trying to spend as much time with Deidra and with one another that we can, Andy is applying for a 2nd job, we're doing ebay to bring in a little more money as well, and I'm trying to find time for my walking everyday (doing horribly at that one at the moment), and I'm falling behind with school too. Please help us remain on track and have the focus for each task at hand that we need to. So much is going on and we need all the help that we can get. Thank you, Abba, for all your help and blessings.

Please help us to get pregnant again, Abba

I realized that I wasn't quite ready to close the door on having another baby of our very own. We met with the RE and Andy had his SA done...all went well there his morphology is just a little low, so we have to do a repeat on that one. Please help the next one to turn out all well so we don't have any worries there. I had my HSG this morning and all seems to be well with my fallopian tubes, they are concerned that I may have a fibroid tumor though in my uterus that may inhibit a pregnancy from being carried though. So, I have an ultrasound to look into that scheduled for next Tuesday afternoon. Please let all go well, Abba. I'm so nervous about everything, but just trying to stay focused. I keep thinking "what if we can't get pregnant again afterall or what if I can, but I can't carry the baby and we lose it?" I keep reminding myself to just focus on what we know for now and quit worrying about the what ifs. I seem to be doing fine as long as I keep reminding myself of that. I put my tears at your feet along with all my worries and I will trust in You. Please help us to get pregnant again and have things go smoothly. I want to give Deidra a sibling to go through life with and I long to hold a baby of our very own again. Thank you as well for giving me a gift today as well...Andy got to be with me in the room today and it was such a comfort to have him there. He was great at reassuring me afterwards too when I broke down in tears with my worries. I had my worries over to you now and will try my best not to worry about it all and just do my part.


Hi Jesus, long time no hear from huh? I'm so sorry that I haven't written here in awhile. There are so many areas of my life that I've been neglecting lately or haven't had enough time on lately and my spiritual life is one I know deeply that I need to improve on. I will so try and be better about that.

I had a hard time this past weekend feeling like a failure due to the fact that we're still living with FIL. He treats us like children sometimes and I just felt like our privacy had been invaded and that we didn't have anything to call our own. I wound up submitting some stuff to see if we even had a chance at getting our own house now and You blessed us with some offers and with us getting pre-qualified. We asked for a recommendation for a realtor as well and who should it turn out to be but Racheal's cousin, Joy. (Racheal is my best friend). I took that as a sign that this is the right sign. Please bless us with a house that is not only affordable for us, but turns out to be the perfect one for our family as well. We're going on Thursday night after work to look at a couple. We need to start saving all the pennies that we can for our downpayment as well, so please help those pennies add up quickly for us so that we can do this soon. We'd love to be in our own place before the end of this year, but we know that it's not our all happens in Yours. So please help us to be patient, Abba. Thank you so much for your blessings.