Monday, November 29, 2004

Andy's Job Situation

Hi Abba. Please help Andy to find a better work environment and a better paying job sometime soon. We've been thankful for the job and money that you have provided us with so far. But, things are happening at Andy's work that are less than ideal for him. People are talking about him behind his back...saying rude things about him....dissing him for having a college degree and skills and being paid more than them. He was extremely hurt on Friday when he learned this was all going on and the same people are at it again this morning. It makes for a long work day for him and he doesn't know who he can trust anymore.

I know Anthony and Andy obtained the conversation in a wrong way, but please Abba let this situation be dealt with today by someone so that they can work in peace and these people will know that they're in the wrong and amends can be made if possible. Help us, Abba. Thank you for watching over us and giving us our jobs and continue to give us job protection and guide Andy in his search for a new job.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Hello Abba. I'm worried about our finances for the rest of the week. We overspent a little bit with me having to pay for meds and with D's birthday being last week and all. Please protect our finances and don't let anything bounce on us or any of our accounts go negative. Andy was going to try and get his check today instead of tomorrow, but we don't know if that will be possible. If it can be done, please help us to get it done. He gets paid tomorrow and I get paid on Friday, so I know we'll be ok in the longrun, but I just hate it when our finances get so low that we worry about going negative. Please help us, Abba.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Bless, Miss Mindi

Hi Abba. Just one more short request today. Last week was Miss Mindi's last week teaching Deidra at Kindercare. She took another job teaching autistic children at Kindercare. It was rough to know she was leaving as she's such a fantastic teacher. Bless her on her new ventures, Abba. The kids at Kindercare will greatly miss her. I know Miss Jessica will do a good job in her place though and the kids all like her too.

Please Help Andy Find a Good Job

Lord, I'm asking today too that you will help Andy to find a good job. One where he will feel that he's able to support his family, one that will pay him a wage that he will feel good about, one that he can grow in and excel. I thank you for bringing him Compulit and his wages from there, but they don't want to pay him the small increase that he was asking for so that we can get ahead like we want to. We don't want to be greedy and we are thankful for his job, but we want to be independant and be on our own again. We want our own privacy and for Deidra to have her own space to play in in the backyard. We're thankful to FIL for letting us stay here, but we think it's time to be by ourselves again. We don't want to have to worry when we have medical bills to pay or the car(s) breaks down, or something happens that is extra that we have to pay for. We know that You will give us exactly what we need and that we'll never have more than what you intend for us and we know that You know what is best for us. Please help him to find a good job that will give us what we're looking for. Please continue to help us with our finances and let us do good work for the people that we work for.

My Marriage

Hi Abba. My marriage has it's ups and downs and it's something that Andy and I are always trying to work on. Sometimes we don't spend the time that we should improving it and other times we do. But somehow I've learned over the last little while that with everything that we've been through our marriage is greatly blessed. We're still together through the good and the bad, even though sometimes it seems like we've had more bad than good. And I've learned that staying together is really what counts. I've seen some couples go through things that we've been through and now they're no longer together, so I'm learning that our marriage is strong. Yes, there have been times where leaving or walking away for awhile seemed the easier thing to do, but we're both determined to make this marriage work and I know that we have You, Abba, to thank for the blessing of our marriage. When I think of everything that we've been through in the 6 years of marriage that could have split us up...IL problems, infertility, job loss, financial problems, bankruptcy, infertility again and we're still not out of the woods with finances...I'm glad that we made it through everything. There's been a lot of times that we've felt that we didn't have the support in our marriage that we were truly wanting, but we made it through and we're still together. I will admit too that I look at the past 6 years and I think of everything we've been through in the past and it does scare me to think that of all the time that we still have together and that we've really only been through maybe a 1/6 of marriage and I wonder what all we'll go through together in the next 60 years. But, I do know that we have your blessings, Abba, or we wouldn't have made it this far. Thank you for blessing our marriage. Keep us together, Abba.

Sorry I haven't spent much time with you...

I apologize that I haven't been that good at writing and spending time with you lately. I'm going to try and be better about that now. I know this is one area of my life that I greatly need to work on. I'm sorry, Abba.