Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just had my first day of kindergarten...

as Deidra said to me this morning. I was going to go up and volunteer in her classroom today and she was all excited that I was going to stay with her today. We wake up to get ready and she says "Time for your first day of kindergarten, Mom." I was up there for about 4 hours helping them get reading materials together, helping the kids make bear hats, and helping with various folders. Deidra took me to recess where all the boys chased her around the playground (Daddy, you better watch out as it's starting all ready). She showed me the little boy that she likes too. His name is Jon and he's as cute as a button. I had to take him down to the nurse today as he got sick in class and some of the stuff he was telling me was just too cute. She took me to lunch with her before I went home and they have to sit in a boy girl, boy girl pattern at the table to keep them focused on eating rather than talking. The half an hour that we were in there, all I heard from all the boys at the table was "Deidra...Deidra...Deidra." (Again, Daddy you better get ready.) It was too funny. I had fun with her today. When I left the kids all told me "Bye, Deidra's Mommy, we love you." Awww! I'm going back tomorrow to help in the lunch room for 2 hours. Thanks so much, Abba, for giving me some time to volunteer at the school. I'd love to be able to go once or twice a week. I know they really need the help.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Some prayers for friends...

Abba, I'd like to lift some people up in prayer today.

I want to pray for Bonnie's MIL that the doctor's will find out what's going on with her and help guide the doctors in proper treatments for her. I pray for peace and comfort for the family during all of this too.

I pray for Stephanie as Ernesto is heading right for her house. I pray for safety for her and Scott during this time. Let the storm pass over her.

I pray for Sarah and her family as they prepare to go to FL this weekend and I pray for safety for them as well. I pray for good times and lots of happy memories for them on this trip as well. They're also worried about Ernesto and I pray that it will miss them as well.

I pray for Aja as she welcomed her baby girl this past weekend and I also pray for the birthmom and I pray for peace and comfort there as well. I pray for safe travels home for Aja and her family too.

I pray for Emily as she continues her separation from her husband and I ask you to guide her through all that she's facing now on her own.

I pray for Rebekah as they wait for news on her cancer scans and that she'll remain free from cancer. I also pray for her family as they continue waiting for more news and that you give them all peace and comfort during this time.

I pray for Jen as she recovers from her lap band surgery and I pray for a quick recovery for her.

I also lift up my friends who are struggling with their weight loss goals and journeys and I pray that you will help keep all of them, and me too, on the right path to stay healthy.

Thank you, Abba...

for bringing us some much needed rain today. It's so funny to see people get so excited down here for the rain, but even the rain brought a huge smile to my face today. Yeah, I totally got drenched walking from the car into work today, but I didn't complain as we really really needed a good rain. Thank you for watching over us and for taking care of us. Thank you for the cooler temps too..it cooled things off to 73 degrees. A cooler day was very much welcomed.

Monday, August 21, 2006

We need rain!

I have to give credit for the pics to this website: http://www.pbase.com/es839145/animated_water.

Abba, I pray for rain. It has been so hot here...we've only been here since May and 1/4 of the time that we've been here so far the heat has been in triple digits. We've had very little rain and we desperately need it. The ground has cracks in it, it's so dry. The crops need water. We could use the rain to cool things down for a bit as well. Please send us some rain.

The heat hasn't bothered me as much as I thought it was going to. Andy has said the same thing. But, we don't do much outside either...we stay indoors unless we're walking to the car or from the car to the store or to work. But, I pray that you will send us some rain soon and give us a good rain.

My goofy daughter and a quick update on me...

Ok, she came home from school in her school clothes...a cute shirt and skirt...oh and did I mention that they were new? Anyway, she wanted to take a bath and I told her that she had to wait until after dinner. She went outside to play and she got the kitty some water. (This is the kitty that has adopted us but lives outside). Anyway, she calls for me...she is covered head to toe in mud and keep in mind that mud down here in TX is more like clay. She's covered in black clay. It's in her hair, all down her arms, some on her face, and it's all down her legs and her feet are just covered in it. This will motivate me now to lay down some sod in the dirt patches of our front yard. Anyway, I get her in the house and try to take off her clothes the best that we can and she goes to the bathtub and gets herself all washed up. I get her clothes all spray and washed and put into the washing mashine and pray that it all comes out. She gets out of the tub and I ask her "Deidra did you do that on purpose just so you could take a bath?" She looks down and asks if she's in trouble. I told her that I just wanted her to be honest with me and so she nods yes. I told her that if she ever does something like that again she's going to be in a lot more trouble, but for doing this today her punishment is going to be helping me sweep and mop up the floor since the clay is all over the place. I am fully expecting her to whine...then I hear "Mommy, can I just have the mop...I will help you." I told her that this isn't supposed to be fun for her, so if she thinks it's fun she's just going to go in her room for a time-out before clean up. And as a sign that she's growing up..."Mommy, I really don't want to go in time out, but I guess that's fair." My mouth about fell open. I did snap some pics too to document this in her scrapbook (if I ever get caught up that is...I'm easily a year to a year and a half behind in her book).

And a quick update on me...I'm feeling a lot better. I went into work today for a little while although they wound up sending me home about 3 hours after I got there. They wanted me to rest a little more and not push myself so hard. I started out just fine, but my headache started getting the best of me right before they sent me home. The doctor called to check on me this morning and they're going to call me in a perscription. The headache though is about 75% better than it was and it stays that way as long as I don't push myself too hard. The numbness has 90% gone away as well. So, I'm slowly getting better.

Oh, and 1 more thing...I've really been trying to do this whole better me thing now for about a month. I've managed to lose 17 1/2 pounds and I'm almost off my diabetes meds. YEAH! Thank you for watching over me, Abba!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Finally starting to feel better...

I think I'm finally starting to get better. YEAH! I'm just taking my meds that he gave me for migraine and a few aspirin as needed since I can only take a maximum of 2 migraine pills a day. My headache is 80% gone as long as I don't push myself or try to do too much. My fever has gone and is down to 98.9. The numbness in my left side is a lot better too. So, I think whatever this is is finally starting to go away. Just thought that I'd let everyone know. I'm going to try going back to work tomorrow as well and just take it easy. I appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers. Help me to feel a lot better each day, Abba. Thank you for watching over me!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

One more update...

Well, I woke up to find that part of my right side is going numb now and my headache has been worse. I also am running a fever over 100 degrees. I called the doctor just to let him know and another doctor in the office was seeing patients and wanted me to come in. She wanted to send me to the ER for a spinal tap to rule out meningitis and she wanted me to meet with a neurologist about my numbness and left-side weakness and she told me that I may even need to be admitted for observation. She took me off of work until my headaches are gone and the numbness goes away. I came home and told Andy what was going on and I went back and forth on going to the ER since my insurance doesn't cover it. I called the insurance company and they were closed. I called the hospital and nobody could tell me the rates on any of the tests, but said that they work with anyone needing treatment. Got in the car to go and we were almost there and I told Andy to turn around and go home. I told him that I'm just going to monitor my fever and take the medication he gave me for the migraines and see what that does over the weekend. If I'm still feeling poorly I'll have Andy take me in to ER and we'll find out for sure what's going on. In the meantime, I'll take my meds, push fluids, and rest. My Mom took Deidra overnight too so I could have some peace and quiet and hopefully start feeling better.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Another update...

Well, I don't really know what's going on. I can tell the doctor doesn't really either. He says my CT scan and MRI came back negative, which is a good thing. He said the only other thing that he could think of to do is to try treating me for a migraine headache (I don't think the headache is a migraine) as sometimes that can present signs of stroke. They gave me a shot of Imitrex which has honestly only made feel worse...headache is worse and I'm very hot and feel sick to my stomach from it. He wanted me to wait an hour and then get another one, but I had already waited for 2 hours and didn't want to wait any longer. They gave me some oral meds to take and he said that he thought that would make the numbness go away when the headache went away and if it didn't we'd have to start all over again with more tests on Monday. I honestly don't think I've been having migraines...I don't have the nausea, the throbbing pains, or the sensitivity to light that I've heard of most people getting with migraines. I think they're just headaches. I asked him if he thought it was ok that I went back to work tomorrow and he said he didn't see a problem with it. I just worry about trying to work and lift things when I can't do much with my left hand. But, I guess I'll just have to take things slow and ask for help if I need it. I'm just frustrated, but that's all the update that I know for now. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that it's not a stroke, but I just wish that I knew for sure what it was.

Stroke or No Stroke?

Written last night:

Well, I went and saw the doctor about the numbness down my left side, dizziness, and bad headaches that I have been having. He did a bunch of neurological tests on me and I failed miserably with my left side on a lot of them. I asked him what he thought was wrong and he said that he thought I was having a stroke. He sent me to the hospital for a CT scan and a MRI of the brain. He sent for the tests to be done stat and he told me not to leave the hospital until someone had called him with the results. Well, here I am and I can't say that I know anything else as there wasn't a radiologist that could read the reports on the floor. I just put a call out to my Dr. to see what he wants me to do and they're going to page him. I have another appt with him tomorrow that I'm definitely going to keep. I'm still feeling pretty miserable. I'll update as I know more...in the meantime I'd appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

This morning:

I'm still feeling the same. I'm scared as well and wish I knew for sure what it was. I'm worrying about how I'm going to be able to work this weekend if this numbness keeps up as well as I can't hold much in my left hand as my arm and hand feel so heavy. I keep trying not to worry and think positively but this is scary. I thought I was too young to have to deal with something like this. I asked the doctor how we'd treat it if it were a stroke and he said it's really a waiting game. He said if the tests showed a blood clot, they'd put me in the hospital and try to get the clot to dissolve with some IV drugs. If I showed a bleed in the brain, they'd transfer me to Dallas and do surgery to stop it. I go see the doctor at 10:15 or 10:45 this morning, so hopefully I'll know more then.

Mom came over after work to see me last night and it was nice to spend some time with her and she prayed over me as well and that gave me comfort. I called Dad and he's actually in Phoenix right now and has to drive to FL. He wants me to call him as soon as I know anything so that he can go through Dallas if need be. He said that if I wind up in the hospital, his load is just going to be delivered late. He wound up calling a few times last night to check on me. I guess his sister had a stroke when she was my age. He made me put the number to the ambulance service and my doctor's office by the bed last night in case anything happened.

Abba, please help the doctors to know what is wrong and how to fix it. Please give me peace over this too.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Callings in Life...

We've been talking about some pretty deep things in bible study lately...abortions, cancer, marriage strifes...and someone made the comment that we all have to go through certain things to learn and grow. We learn to appreciate certain things that we're given a lot more than other people do. One girl is suffering from breast cancer and she said that it's honestly been a blessing as she's looked at everything. It's taught her to appreciate life and God's blessings where as before this journey she just took everything for granted. It made me stop to wonder what my situation like that was. I can honestly say without it's my infertility journey. I've always loved babies ever since I was little. I've always wanted a big family (4-6 kids). Our journey to get Deidra was a hard one, but I am so very glad that I have her. She's such a beautiful and sweet blessing in my life and she's such a mommy's girl. I'm so proud of her and the little girl that she's becoming. Yet, over the past 5 years we've tried unsuccessfully to have another baby. This has been heartbreaking on so many levels for me. I've watched people that had their first babies after Deidra was born go on to have 2-3 more children and I know that people don't mean to be hurtful, but I find that some comments "try having more than 1 child and see how busy you are" or various things are little slaps in the face. And then there's these young mom's that I see at Home Depot that just go off on their little children or they say such rude comments to me about how sometimes they wish they never had them or that life would be simpler without them. I can honestly say that yes, Deidra tries my temper and tests me at times, but I've never looked at her and wishes that she wasn't ours. I'm so very grateful for her and I appreciate being her Mommy. She's definitely a blessing from above and I wish that everyone could see that children are such a gift. But yes, maybe it's this journey that's gotten me to the point of realizing all these things. Yet, I can also remember my Mom finding out that we were ttc and she kept saying "kids are such a huge responsibility, I'm glad it's not me. Just make sure that you know what you're getting into." I thought she was going to be upset when we finally were able to tell her that we were pregnant and she was the one that cried for joy with me on the phone. She loves being a grandma and Deidra adores her just as much. Now, that people have found out that we're adopting, I get to hear "well, it may not work out how you want it to you know...Deidra and her may fight all the time instead of be glad that they have each other to play with." Yes, part of the reason that we want to adopt is so that Deidra has a sibling to go through life with, but part of the reason that we want to adopt is so that we can have another child to love and call our own as well too. I know that her and D aren't always going to get along and that things aren't going to be perfect, but we'll handle things as we come to them and we'll raise them with plenty of love. But, I'm also starting to realize that God is going to give us the blessings of children in this house. It just may be a little different than what we originally intended. But, we are ready and willing and I so cannot wait to have another baby in the house. Deidra is going to make one awesome big sister as well. Children really are a gift from above and I can't wait to receive His gift!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another brag on my little girl...

I just can't help it...I'm the proud mama! I walked Deidra to class today since I had the day off and Mrs. Morgan told me that she just loves Deidra to pieces. When I went to pick her up from school, normally the teachers aren't outside with the students, but she came out when Deidra's name was called and as I drove up she came running to the car. I immediately thought something must have happened, but she just wanted to tell me that she was so impressed with Deidra and at how well she's doing with school. I said thank you and we were off as other kids were waiting to get picked up and I didn't want to hold up the line. We get home and Deidra said they were having ice cream tomorrow and she wanted to know if she could have ice cream money for school. I asked her how much it was and she didn't know, so I called the school. They transferred me to Mrs. Morgan and she told me again that she just thought that Deidra was such a joy to have in class and she was doing so well. She wanted to know what we were doing with her as she said that it was neat to see her already beginning to read. I told her that a lot of it is Deidra teaching herself words and sounding them out and we make it a point to read to her daily. She said that she asked Deidra how she learned to read and she said "My mom and dad are really smart." She said that she just thought that was amazing and that she tries to get the kids to go as high as they can go so she'd keep encouraging her. She told us to keep on doing what we were doing with her and that she always loves it when she gets students like her. She got to be the line leader again all day for doing such a good job. Talk about making a mommy cry.... I took her to the library to get her very own library card as a reward after school and she just ate that all up.

Bless my little girl, Abba, and help her continue to do well in school. Give her a love of reading and always enjoy books.

Please let my period come...

I don't know whether my cycle is messed up due to the move that we made or whether it's due to the fact that I stopped taking the clomid in April or a mixture of both. I haven't missed a period in quite awhile. I knew that I was late, but didn't realize until yesterday that I was 22 days overdue. A friend wondered if I may be pregnant as my stomach has been feeling a little off for the past week. I don't really get my hopes up too high about that lately, just because of the fact that Deidra will be 6 in Nov and we've not prevented a pregnancy from happening since she was born. However, I got to wondering yesterday and decided to test. I should have known better, but at least I know for sure now. Not pregnant. But, I wish AF would just come so that I can have her done and overwith and don't have to worry about when she's going to decide to make her appearance known. Please Abba, give me my period soon.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

This marriage stuff...

Hi Abba. I want to lift up my marriage to you as well as all the marriages of our friends and families. Andy and I had a rough week last week and I was really feeling down. He has a tendency to be so negative at times and it really drains me emotionally. I don't think he means it either, but I think sometimes he worries too much and that gets in the way of things. Anyway, I was talking to my friend Racheal yesterday and she said that they've been going through something similar in their marriage. We were talking about how this marriage stuff isn't all bliss like some people make it out to be or we've just married the wrong people. I mentioned that marriage is a lot of hard work to make it work and that I think we just get too comfortable with one another and start taking our partners for granted and it causes problems. I know that a lot of times I feel that I'm not cherished or unappreciated or that he doesn't want to take me out on dates. Andy feels that I'm not on the same page on our budgets or he feels that he's not being supported or appreciated either. I told Racheal that we just need to keep doing what we're doing and keep trying to communicate to our husbands with what our needs are and we need to keep doing the things for them that we're not meant to and if our husbands don't always appreciate it, we just have to remember that You do. I know deep down that my husband loves me and after we had a few heart to hearts, I think he understands a little more what has been bothering me. I pray that you will help my marriage stay strong and that you will bless us with a weekend away to celebrate our anniversary next month. I also lift up the marriages of our families and friends and pray for your blessings on each one. Keep our marriages strong, Abba, and help us to always remember why we got married in the first place. Help us love one another the way that we deserve to be loved and that we never take one another for granted.

2nd day of kindergarten went much better....

Took Deidra to school today and dropped her off to wait in the gym with the other kids. I waved good-bye to her and I went to work. I thought about her throughout the day, but didn't get as choked up as yesterday. Went to pick her up after work and she was waving at me as I drove up. She seemed like such a big girl standing there...so grown up. When she got in the car, she told me that she got to be the line leader all day long for being such a good girl. I told her that I was proud of her and she asked if we could go to McDonalds after gymnastics tonight because she was doing so good. I told her that we'd see, but that I was proud of her for being such a good girl. Today definitely went much better, but I had to brag on her a bit for doing so well.

Pour your blessings on my little girl, Abba, we are so proud of her and I can only imagine that You much be too!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Deidra's 1st Day of Kindergarten was a Success!

I was supposed to be to the school at 2:30 pm. I left the house about 2:20 pm and figured I'd be plenty early for 2:40 pm dismissal. I had thought about walking up there, but decided against it as I figured she'd be looking for Mommy's car. I have never seen so many cars waiting to pick up their children. There was a solid line of cars among the road that the school is on and you have to be coming from a certain direction for them to allow you to turn into the school. People were on side streets trying to get onto the main street that the school is on and traffic was at a standstill. I sat in one spot for over 20 minutes. Everybody was getting out of their cars to see what the hold up was. It was definitely a mad house. Finally at 3pm, they let me drive up to the curb to enter the school driveway. They had all the kids outside and were calling their names out as the parents drove up. Deidra saw me before I saw her and she was a bundle of smiles. I saw her waving at me and the tears starting to flow again. They opened up the back seat for her and she climbed in and I quickly got her buckled in so that the other parents could get in to get their kids. She immediately started opening up her back pack to show me what she did. Her teacher sends home a daily information sheet that shows if she got in trouble for anything and any successes that she had and there's a place for the teacher's note for each day of the week. Today's note (made the tears flow again) was "She's SO precious." Deidra showed me some things that she made at kindergarten today and one of them was a picture of her being happy at kindergarten on her first day. She also made a picture of the sign language sign of "I love you" and she got her first homework assignment (Mommy has one too). She ate all of her lunch as was excited that she got to play on the playground. The rest of the stuff that she did she says is a secret for later. We had to smuggle for a bit and she was happy to see her blankie (I had it waiting for her in the car). She told me she missed me and I had to give her a big old hug and tell her how much I missed her too. She was on my mind all day today. I think now that we survived the first day the rest of the week will go alot better. Just wanted to let you all know how her first day went! I even attached the pics of what she did at school today. :-) I'm very proud of her.

First Day...

This sounds about right...lol

First DayEvery one has a "First Day"
when they feel sad and all alone.
It can be so scary
when you're out on your own.
Take my hankie, dry your tears.
You'll find lots of things to do
and you'll probably make new friends.
I promise we'll be together
when the school day ends.
Here comes the teacher,
blow your nose and be brave.
Come on now wipe your eyes,
this is no way to behave.
"Well, good morning teacher.
We really must beg your pardon.
No, MOMMY doesn't always act this way.
But it's my first day of....KINDERGARTEN!"

Just took Deidra to her first day of kindergarten...

I was up shortly before the alarm was supposed to go off at 6:30 am. The next thing I know Deidra was running down the hall "Is it time for me to get up for school, Mommy?" We read her letter from her teacher, Mrs. Morgan, to open on the morning of the first day of school and I started getting choked up while reading it to her. I didn't want to let her see though as I didn't want her to get scared of going. Then, I read her the letter that Daddy left for her. I went and got dressed and picked out her outfit to wear and she ate her breakfast. She didn't eat much though. We went over the classroom rules again to see if she could remember and she asked me to tell her about when I went to kindergarten. She isn't allowed to bring toys or anything from home unless we have permission first to do so, so she had to go to school without her precious soft blanket today and that was a little hard for her. She smuggled with it this morning for awhile and then she wanted to sit on my lap for a little bit. We went outside and took some pictures outside (I have better ones on my regular camera, but here's a couple I took with the digital) to document the day. Then, it was time to go. I told her again where her snack was and that she had the folder for her teacher in her backpack and we went and got in the car.

When we got to school, it looked like the whole city of Waxahachie (then again maybe they were since that school just holds kindergarten and pre-k classes, so anybody with a kindergartener living in Waxahachie would be there today) was there and we had to park a ways from the school. I walked her up to the school and we had to wait for awhile before they would let us in. She was starting to get a little apprehensive, but she was excited too. I was excited for her too, but I started getting teary eyed watching her. She certainly isn't a baby anymore and I'm so proud of her and the little person that she's becoming. Pretty soon, the bell sounded and it was time to go in. She got scared because she couldn't remember where her class was and she didn't want to get lost. I told her that I was going to walk her to class and that's why she also had a name tag on with her class number on it too, so people would always know where she belongs. She's nervous about going to the cafeteria for lunch as well, but I kept reassuring her that she was going to be just fine.

We got to her classroom and Mrs. Morgan gave her a big hug and wished her a happy 1st day of school and my eyes welled up with tears again. We got her inside and I helped her put her lunch box and her backpack in her little cupboard and I helped her to find her seat. Her teacher already had her school box all ready to go for her with her pencils and crayons and her name written on top for her. She thought that was pretty cool. Then, I gave her a hug and told her that she was going to have such a good day and to have lots of fun and Daddy and I wanted to hear all about it when she came home. She asked me if I was going to leave her then and I told her that it was time for me to go. She got nervous then about how she was going to know where to go when it was time to leave and I told her that I would go find out where I needed to be to pick her up today, but that it would all work out. She gave me another hug and the little girl sitting across from her was feeling a bit sad too, so Deidra waved shyly at her and said hello. I left and said good-bye to Mrs. Morgan. She mentioned that she needed volunteers for the classroom and I said I'd be glad to help out any way that I can. I signed up to be either the room mother or the room mother's helper and I plan to be as active in her classroom as I can. She was happy to hear that. I left her classroom and went down to the gym to ask where I'm supposed to go to pick her up and they told me and then I left to come home to call Daddy to tell her that she was doing just fine.

I had myself a big old cry in the car once I got in. I know she's going to do fine today and I know that she's going to have fun and I knew that I was going to be emotional on her first day of school. It's a huge milestone and I am so very proud of that little girl and yet I worry about her too. I told Andy that it's a step in letting her go and gaining some more independance and I shouldn't be so sad about it, but it's hard. I am excited for her though and I know that she's going to do well.

Deidra and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent e-mails to wish her well today. She had fun getting her own mail and reading what everyone said. I'll update on how her first day went once she's home. :-)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Our Little Gymnast

Here's our little Deidra in her new leotard for gym. She had to be fashionable and pose. She's so silly, but she's a cutie and I'll keep her. She found it today when I took her school shopping and I couldn't say no since not only did she need one, but she's turned into quite the bargain shopper and she found it on the clearance rack. Anyway, isn't she sweet?

Increasing Hope

A couple of months before our move, my friend Stephanie sent me a little book in the mail. It's called Hope Happens! It's filled with encouragement and positive thoughts. I really liked the few that I read and then I packed it away when we were packing for our move. I just started picking it up again and I think I'm going to start posting a quote a day to give myself something to think about. I have a lot of hopes for our life and can think pretty positively, but Andy lets the roadblocks that we have to endure get him down a lot and then he starts being negative and that in turn affects me and heck if I'm honest, it probably affects Deidra as well as I'm sure she can feel our moods too. Anyway, it's something that I feel that we all need to work on as a family. God gave us the gifts of faith, hope, and love as well and I think we all need to work on them and we can all always use a little hope in this journey called life.

Anyway, hope message #1 is

There are always more choices than you think --Catherine DeVrye

Abba, please help us to see the choices available to us and help us make the best choices possible.

Prayers for a friend's sister...

Hi Abba. I want to lift up Sarah's sister in prayer. She's going in today for a procedure to remove some pre-cancerous cells. I pray that this procedure is a success and that after this they no longer have to worry about it. I pray for a quick recovery and that she will be back to normal and no cause for any more worries.

A 3 Month Update

Abba, thanks for watching over us and helping things to fall into place. You've taken such good care of us and we thank you for our blessings. Please continue to bless our family.

Well, we've been here for 3 months now and things are going well. We're starting to get used to our routines and we're definitely staying busy.

Miss Deidra starts kindergarten on Tuesday and we've been busy running around doing her school shopping. We got all of her supplies over the weekend and I took her today to Wal-mart do some clothes shopping. She's getting to be awfully tricky to shop for as she can be quite picky, but she picked out some really cute things and even picked out a leotard off the clearance rack that she found all by herself for gymnastics. I told her that we were going to go try everything on before we bought it so that we knew if everything fit. She's still in size 4s and 5s on some things and yet she's in 7/8s on other stuff. She was so cute in the dressing room parading around in her new clothes saying "I wanna be a princess.". We're taking her out to the mall tonight after gym to get new tennis shoes and look for some fleece pants. She's getting very excited about going to kindergarten and we have "Meet the Teacher Night" at her school tomorrow.

Andy is enjoying working at Corgan and they even took him out to dinner to celebrate his first month anniversary which we thought was very nice. They seem to be a great company to work for as well.

Jess is finally doing better at her Home Depot. They are finally getting used to her and her to them. She decided to ask one more time if she could get off of open availability and see what they said before she made her decision to quit or not. They decided that she wasn't going anywhere and are now letting her work during the week only the hours that Deidra is in school so Jess can still be available for Deidra to drop her off and pick her up from school. They're going to start giving her some more weekend days off here and there too. So, she's staying at work. It will be nice to no longer have to pay for daycare anymore though.

Not much else is really going on, we're just working on ebay a lot in our extra time to save for some things and get this adoption moving forward.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stress and Tornado Dreams

Hi Abba. Please help us to cope with the stress that we've been having to deal with. Little unexpected things keep popping up that we have to fork out money for and this is always the tightest part of the month (first half). I can feel the stress attacking my body and I'm tense and the headaches come and stay for awhile. I keep telling myself that we're going to be alright, but the worries are still there. I go to bed and dream of tornadoes. Please help the stress and worries to go away. Thank you, Abba.

Made my minimum...

some friends pulled though for me and helped me out with orders. I worked hard until about 10:30 last night and was about $30 away from goal after all my friends orders, so I just ordered some stuff for us for dinners and such and called it good. Thanks for helping me to make my minimum Abba. I pray for blessings on those people that helped me out too! I very much appreciated it.