Monday, September 28, 2009

Not very organized...

So, we had a meeting for the girls the week before last and something came up that they wanted us to have tested at the doctor's for the girls and their brother. I called on Friday to tell the doctor and they told me to come in this morning. I wasn't quite sure how they were going to test for it, finger stick, blood draw, or urine test. Anyway, I got in there and the waiting room was FULL. Sick little people all over, one boy was coughing over the toys and I really didn't want my littles over by him. Then, he started throwing up in the waste basket. Me and another Mom were just shaking our heads. They could have moved him back to a room to get him out of there so that he wasn't passing germs to anyone else as far as I'm concerned. We wound up sitting in the waiting room for an hour. Then, we finally get called back and they ask me what I need again and I explain it all again. I asked the med asst how they were going to test for it, and asked if they were just going to do a finger stick. She said that wouldn't give them an accurate picture and that the nurse practitioner would have to write a script and send us over to the hospital. They leave me in the room for another 15 minutes and Baby T got put in time out and was screaming at me just when they decided to come in. The NP asks again what I need and I tell her. She says she'll write me a script and if I go over to the hospital right then, she'll get the results later today. I'm so glad that I waited all this time and that we've been exposed to all these germs by this time. But, I'm still trying to be patient and so I take the scripts for the lab work and I head over to the hospital with the kids. I just didn't feel that her office was all that organized today. I should have gone home for Josiah's pill, but I figured that it wouldn't take that long. We get signed in and battle with the kids to be quiet and to sit still and we sit and sit and sit. Finally, the lab calls us back. By this point, Josiah was threw listening and was dancing around everywhere and could NOT sit still. The lab tech tells him to stand up against the wall, not to touch anything, and to keep his hands folded. Yeah, I'm trying to keep the girls still to do their blood draws and he's trying to get into the biohazard pail, the drawers, whatever he can touch. Finally, we get done and she says "I need urine samples." I told her that Baby T is not potty-trained and Little E had just gone potty not that long before. I take them all into the bathroom and Little E can't go, Josiah is turning the light on and off and trying to grab the containers off the counter. I try Baby T and of course she has no idea of what to do and so I just hold it there for a few minutes and nothing. Finally, I had had enough and I told the girls we were done. I came out and told the lab lady that they couldn't go. She wanted them to sit in the waiting room and drink something and then try in a bit. I told her "no, I'm taking them home. If something is wacky with their bloodwork, we'll do this, but if not, we're not worrying about it." I brought the specimen cups home with me in case we need to do them, but I decided that we all had enough waiting and I needed to get Little E to school and Josiah needed his meds. Just walking to the car was a process. He wanted to bolt out into the parking lot, he was trying to run down the halls, he was yelling at everyone. And of course when I was trying to redirect him, he was trying to throw his fits. He is a happy little guy and I'm glad of that, but he is a handful and a half when he's not on his meds. I wound up having to carry him out to the car so he wouldn't try running off on me. We got Little E to school and on the way out, both him and Baby T were throwing fits because they couldn't go to school too. One lady that was walking out with me looked at me and said "you have SO much patience, I would have lost it by now." I just smiled and said thank you. We got home and I got Baby T down for a nap and Josiah got his meds and he is still one very high-strung little boy. I have to wake up Baby T shortly so we can go get the girls from school and then I have conferences for Deidra. I'm hoping that the littles will cooperate while we are up there.

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Fun weekend...

We had a good weekend together as a family. Friday night, Deidra spent the night at Madison's house. Us parents hadn't met yet, so we made introductions before Deidra spent the night over there. They seem like a nice couple. Saturday, I really wanted to go to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, so we asked Deidra's friend, Madison, if she wanted to go with us. We had a good time, but it got a bit hot towards the end. We got a lot of nice pictures though. Afterwards, we went to Red Robin for dinner. The hostess was just enthralled with our family, finally after she kept watching us for awhile, she said "I don't mean to stare, big families have always fascinated me." I really don't mind, I must just get used to it after awhile as most of the time I really don't notice. We came home and watched The Velveteen Rabbit as a family. What a sweet movie! After that, we put the littles to bed and then I got invited to Starbucks and so I went up and met a friend up there. It's always nice to spend time with her, so it was fun to go out for a bit!

Sunday, we got up and went to church and I was sad to find out that Father Paul is getting re-assigned. He's our parochial vicar, so they get re-assigned every 3 years. It hasn't seemed like he's really been with us that long as he came shortly after we moved down here. Time flies! We went to Sunday school and then came home and decided to go for a Sunday drive. We went on a 300 mile drive to get more pics of the courthouses. We got 4 more while we were out. Then, we came home and I made Andy mow the lawn while I did some laundry and then we got the littles to bed. I had Deidra come in and take a shower and then we had spelling words to practice, homework to correct, and we did some reading. Then, I got her to bed and I went to bed right after she did. I was tired!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Josiah finally pooped on the potty!

After being able to pee in the potty for quite awhile now, he refused to go poop in the potty. He would hold it and go in his pull-up at the end of the day. He told me today that he had to go poop, and so I went and sat him up on the potty. He said he was scared and I did my best to reassure him. He sat up there for a few minutes and said it hurt. I told him to just relax and it would be ok. A couple minutes later, he said "Mommy, I went potty. I did it!" Sure enough...he went poop on the potty! I clapped for him and he called Daddy at work to tell him. I gave him a piece of candy as a reward and big hugs and kisses. I am so proud of him. Hopefully, he can get this potty training fully down now, so he can move into big boy underwear instead of pull-ups and training pants.


Monday, September 21, 2009

The kids were so good at the dentist...

The kids are all having a good day, I pray that it stays that way while Little E is at school. (I have to go have a conference with Little E's teacher tomorrow concerning behaviors).

But, I told them all what I expected of them before we went into the dentist's office. We went in and when Little E got called back, she got a bit scared and wanted me with her. So, we all wound up back there. They brought the kid's each their own chair to sit in and Little E eventually calmed down. She let him check her teeth and she got a bit scared when he was going to try to clean them for the first time ever. She eventually warmed up to the idea and she let him do it. The only hard part was that she started gagging when he gave her the fluoride treatment. She did really good though and Josiah and Baby T sat really well while Little E was getting her teeth cleaned.

Then, when Baby T realized it was her turn she really started crying and carrying on. She finally settled down when I sat in the dental chair with her. Josiah saw that as an opportunity to start getting into stuff. I finally got him to sit and wait and then the assistant asked me if she could take them to play with the toys while I finished up with Baby T. She wasn't going to cooperate for anything more than a visual check, so he said next time he'd try to clean her teeth too. He gave me a free french fry coupon for each kid for doing so well. They were all excited! I told them all how proud I was of each of them for behaving so well.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Leave it to lack of sleep...

I went to bed at 10 and woke up at 1:45. Came downstairs and watched some tv. Deidra got up around 3:30. She laid with me on the couch for about a half an hour. I've been coughing my head off and just feel like I'm burning up, although I have no fever. Sweat is just rolling off of me. Anyway, at 4, I put Deidra back to bed and tried to go back to bed myself. I tossed and turned and finally fell asleep. Andy's alarm went off and he got in the shower and I figured I better get up (I'm thinking it was 6 am) as I need to get Deidra to school early so I can take the others to the sitters as I have to go to Corsicana for a meeting for the girls this morning. Andy informs me it's super early and it's only a little before 5 am. I asked him if he was planning on going in early and he says yes. I sighed and off he went. The front door opens and shuts and all of a sudden I hear feet hit the floor. Yup, all 3 of the littles wanted to be up. I deal with temper tantrums as I put them back to bed and I called Andy. He's going on and on about how every time he goes in early it's a problem. I blew up...I told him that I had been handling it fine when he warns me the night before and that usually I haven't been up half the night and just managing to get some rest again before he does this to me. He started arguing with me and I told him "well, you didn't talk to me for half the night last night, how was I supposed to know?" Come to find out he was mad at me like I thought. All over a situation that I wasn't totally comfortable with and didn't want to do this weekend the way that he wanted me to do it. I told him I see how I anniversary gift or even a card...yes dinner was nice...we had a better night than we did the day together. And then, he had told me when he gave me my birthday cards and new jammies yesterday morning that he had something else for me after he got home from work. When I asked about it last night, he said he never had a chance to go get it. So, I told him that I just wasn't really feeling like I was a real prioritiy right now. It's all about what he wants lately...he can't even make me feel special on our anniversary or my birthday and this weekend...he wants to go buy another carboy so he can brew. It takes all day. I don't know why he can't ever do some things here and there, but nope, he's brewing on an every other weekend schedule now. And I'm emotional about what's going on today, I'm hurt at how he's treated me on our anniversary and then on my birthday...add something that somebody had said to me yesterday about foster care and add the lack of sleep to it....God, help me get through this day. You know my heart and my desires. You know what is best for the girls. Please just help me get through this day smoothly and not let us run into any problems. I'm praying that I will be back in time as well to get the kids from respite and then get the girls from school and then get the girls to play therapy.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Blessed Birthday Girl...

Yes, it's my birthday today. At 9:26 pm, I will be the big 33. Wow! I don't feel old at all, yet I look at that number and think wow, I am getting old. Andy had the kids bring me their birthday cards this morning and I got some new jammies. He said he had something else for me tonight and he was going to bring me out to Applebee's.

We had the girl's CPS worker out this morning for her monthly visit. Lots of questions that we had were answered.

Said a rosary this afternoon and a prayer to St. Gemma. Thanked God for His blessings over the past year and for my birthday today. I feel very blessed to have the family and friends that I do.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bible Study: Acts 29

This is such a great Bible study and the women have been wonderful. We went on Saturday morning at 6 am up and the leader came up and asked me how everything was going with the kids. We got to talking and she is praying for us and for them and it was just good to know that we had prayers around us. We did our bible study on Rejoicing and it was great. Mom was in a much better mood at this one as well and I really enjoyed going. Fellowship was great. I'm a bit behind in posting my lessons, so I'll be posting those over the next couple of days. Abba, thanks for bringing me to this study. I want to be on fire for you, dear Lord. Fill my heart with true love and joy for You.

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My Mom always says that certain Saints come to you...

I've been coming to my overloaded bookshelves wondering what to read. Last time I glanced at my book on St. Gemma Galgani. Today, I wandered up to my bookshelf looking for a book and I just felt her calling me. I picked her book up and looked at it. I will listen, St. Gemma. I will sit and read your book and use this time to visit with you. The Saints can teach us so much about living a true life for Christ. I will learn what you have to teach me, St. Gemma. Blessed be, St. Gemma.

Who is she?
I copies this from

St. Gemma Galgani
Feastday: April 11

Gemma Galgani was born on March 12, 1878, in a small Italian town near Lucca. At a very young age, Gemma developed a love for prayer. She made her First Communion on June 17, 1887. As a pupil at the school run by the Sisters of St. Zita, Gemma was loved by her teachers and her fellow pupils. Although quiet and reserved, she always had a smile for everyone. Although a good student, she had to quit school due to chronic ill health before completing the course of study.

Throughout her life, Gemma was to be favored with many mystical experiences and special graces. These were often misunderstood by others, causing ridicule. Gemma suffered these heartaches in reparation, remembering that Our Lord Himself had been misunderstood and ridiculed.

Gemma had an immense love for the poor, and helped them in any way she could. After her father's death, the nineteen year old Gemma became the mother of her seven brothers and sisters. When some were old enough to share this responsibility, she lived briefly with a married aunt. At this time, two young men proposed marriage to her. Gemma however, wanted silence and retirement, and more that ever, she desired to pray and speak only to God.

Gemma returned home and almost immediately became very ill with meningitis. Throughout this illness, her one regret was the trouble she caused her relatives who took care of her. Feeling herself tempted by the devil, Gemma prayed for help to the Venerable Passionist, Gabriel Possenti. (Gabriel was later canonized) Through his intercession, Gemma was miraculously cured.

Gemma wished to become a nun, but her poor health prevented her from being accepted. She offered this disappointment to God as a sacrifice.

Gemma predicted that the Passionists would establish a monastery at Lucca; this came to pass two years after her death. Today, Gemma's mortal remains are still treasured at the Passionist monastery in Lucca.

On June 8, 1899, Gemma had an interior warning that some unusual grace was to be granted to her. She had pain in her hands, feet and heart and blood was coming from the places where she had pain. These were the marks of the stigmata. Each Thursday evening, Gemma would fall into rapture and the marks would appear. The stigmata remained until Friday afternoon or Saturday morning when the bleeding would stop, the wounds would close, and only white marks would remain in place of the deep gashes. Gemma's stigmata would continue to appear until the last three years of her life, when her confessor forbade her to accept them. Through her prayers, this phenomenon ceased, but the whitish marks remained on her skin until her death.

Through the help of her confessor, Gemma went to live with a family named Giannini, where she was allowed more freedom than at home for her spiritual life. She had many ecstacies and her words spoken during these raptures, were recorded by her confessor and a relative of her adoptive family. At the end of her ecstacies, she returned to normal and went quietly and serenely about the family life. Gemma often saw her guardian angel, with whom she was on familiar terms. She often sent her guardian angel on errands, usually to deliver a letter or oral message to her confessor in Rome.

During the apostolic investigations into her life, all witnesses testified that there was no artfulness in Gemma's manner. Most of her severe penances and sacrifices were hidden from most who knew her.

In January of 1903, Gemma was diagnosed as having tuberculosis. She died quietly in the company of the parish priest, on April 11 at age twenty-five. He said, "She died with a smile which remained upon her lips, so that I could not convince myself that she was really dead." She was beatified in 1933 and canonized on May 2, 1940, only thirty-seven years after her death.



We had meet-the-teacher day at our church for our Sunday school program today. The littles got to meet their teachers and I went and met our students with Mom. We met a lady that her son is going to be in our class and she volunteered to translate for us since she could speak spanish if needed. Anyway, we got to talking with her and what a very blessed lady. And she has a heart of gold. She talked to us for over an hour and Mom said that she could see Mother Teresa and St. Theresa all over here. She has been trying to help teen mom's with their babies and she said that she really has a heart for children. She said that she never should have gotten married...she said that she realized her true vocation too late and now her obligations are with her husband and her children, but she was trying to help in little acts wherever she could with what she feels that she truly wants to do with her life. She wants to talk to me about fostering and adopting and she told us about some work that she did in El Paso with some very troubled students that the teachers referred to as "garbage kids that would never amount to anything." She got them all to graduate. She was truly an inspiration and it was good to talk with her. So, I lift Martha up to you, dear Lord, and bless her. What a beautiful person with a true heart for You!

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

11 years...

11 years ago today, Andy and I got married! I cannot believe that it's been 11! I got him a watch (the theme to get this year was steel). He didn't know how to adjust the band and then said "we'll take it back and it will fund dinner." That told me how much he thought of that. He didn't get me a card or a gift which kind of hurts if I'm being honest. But, since in Bible study (went this morning) we were studying to rejoice in all things, I chose to thank God that I do have a husband that loves me and that he is faithful. Then, I wanted special doughnuts from Shipley's...we rode down there and Deidra and I went in to get the doughnuts. I ate one and went to grab another and he made a comment about "you're eating another doughnut?" I put it back and then didn't talk the rest of the way home. Deidra wanted it later and I told her to eat it. Andy said "geez, I didn't tell you not to eat do what you want." I decided to put the girl's pages in their scrapbooks and I had to run to Wal-mart and to Target to get more pages and came home soaking wet from the rain. The whole way home, I had to tell myself "rejoice no matter what the circumstance." I'm trying. I've been cuddling with the kiddos most of the day. We're going to Olive Garden tonight for dinner to celebrate. He did figure out how to adjust the watch band, so he is wearing it.

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Friday, September 04, 2009

What a relaxing Friday...

I took Deidra to school, Josiah and Baby T went to Mother's Day Out from 9-2, and then Little E went to pre-k this afternoon. I asked a friend if I could come over for a couple of hours while Little E was at school. It was nice just to chat and color with her little ones and I got to hold her baby. Her girls are so sweet! The pizza we had for lunch was yummy too. :-) Went and got the kids from school and fed them their after school snack (applesauce and milk) and then did some listening exercises and read a story. I got a book from a teaching store that teaches social skills for little ones. I explained at the beginning of the week that we were going to do some listening exercises and that anytime they followed directions on the first time given and used their listening ears I would let them pick a candy or a reward strip out of the jar. I've been able to give one reward all this week. They just don't stop and think and everything is so impulsive. Today, I gave them each three chances to earn a reward during story time and it was only because they each had two warnings and were about to lose their reward that they finally stopped and listened and were able to earn their reward. Then all chaos hit when my Dad called. I don't know what it is but they all just fall apart when I'm on the phone or the doorbell rings. Little E is wild after school anyway...she's loud and into everything and I'm constantly having to redirect her or put her in time out. Finally, I had to send her to her room as I just couldn't tolerate all the loudness and she thinks it is hilarious of course. Her behavioral assessment is coming up on Wednesday and I'm really hoping that it will bring us some peace and some extra reinforcement. I just really don't know how to get through to her when she just laughs about discipline. Anyway, they are back to playing nicely and quietly again and I think I'm going to make Deidra's request for dinner...spaghetti and corn and some garlic breadsticks. Once they go to bed, I would like to sit and talk to the hubby. I miss him. He's planning on brewing all day tomorrow (what fun! house is going to stink like hops). But shhhh...don't tell him that I said that. I guess if you like beer it smells good, but I'm not a fan of beer...I'll take wine anyday...but forget beer.

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Too busy of a Thursday...

Got up and took Deidra to school. Came home and got the littles ready so we could take the girl's to their visit. Got down there on time and spent some time at the park with Josiah and the girl's little brother's fostermom and her 2 little ones. Then, ran back to get the kids from their visit and gave Little E her lunch in the car. Got on the road as I had the exact time I needed to get her to school on time. Made it into town and decided to take a bit different of a route to get her to school. I got off the highway and turned and went over the bridge. Passed a policeman and didn't think anything of it. Got into the part where the speed limit changes to 30 and I slow down. Get further up the road almost to our foster care agency and see flashing lights behind me. I honestly had no idea what I did. I was trying to get the littles to calm down as they were thinking about taking off their seatbelts so they could twist around better to see the police car. Finally, they calmed down and the policeman was looking at the kids and then he asked me for my license and registration. I gave them to him and then he said "you were going 45 mph in a 30 zone." I told him that I thought it was 45 back when you got off the highway and turned into 30 just before the residential part of the road. He tells me that it's 30 all down the road...goes back to his car and writes me the ticket. I was praying that he'd forgive me. No such luck and what ticked me off is that I honestly didn't know. Anyway, Little E is hollering that she needs to go to school. I tell her that it looks like she's going to be late for school. Police officer comes back and hands me the ticket and tells me that I have until the 17 to contact the court. I ask him if there's a reason that I need to do that. He gives me a weird look (I'm sure he thought I was dumb) and tells me that "that's how you're going to pay your ticket." He has me sign it and puts me on my way. I could have cried. I got Little E to school just before they were going to close the doors. I text Andy that I got a ticket. He calls me back and I tell him that I can't talk as I'm in the school zone and don't need another ticket. I get home and tell him what happened and he finds online that the roads in TX that aren't posted are automatically 30 mph. I feed Josiah and Baby T their lunch and put them down for a nap. They fought it, but it gave me some time to spend in God's Word and recoop. Then, I had to run and get the girls from school and get over to our agency for play therapy. The kids were being rotten for the first part of play therapy while we were waiting, so I took them to the car and decided to go back up the road to see where the police officer said the speed limit was posted. I took my route up the service road and exited and there's no sign until the one that I saw and slowed down. So, he literally got me speeding just as I crossed the bridge over the highway. Went back to our agency to get the girl's from play therapy and came home to make some dinner and was so happy to hear Little E ask if I could make some corn. When she first came to us, she hated her veggies and she's slowly learning to like some of them. :-) We ate dinner and then the kids picked up a little bit and then they went to bed. We worked on some homework stuff with Deidra that she had gotten wrong and then did nightly devotions with her. After she went to bed, I had a glass of Lambrusco with Andy and then went to bed myself. I was beat. Wednesday, I was in bed by 9 pm. Last night I was in bed by 10 pm. UGH

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Little E is sick...

She woke up at 2:30 this morning throwing up. Andy helped me get her and the floor and the bed all cleaned up. We got her back down for bed. I get Deidra up this morning for school and Little E was asking for breakfast. I told Deidra not to feed her as she had been sick and I'd worry about getting the littles all fed once we got back from taking her to school. While I was in the pantry, Deidra gave Little E two little mini doughnuts. I was mad that she didn't listen to me and had a talk with her about it. Anyway, I'm getting them dressed and Little E said she was going to choke. I told her to go to the trash can and she threw up. (Choking is her word for throwing up). I get us all in the van and get Deidra to school and on the way home, Little E started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said "I'm sick." I told her we'd be home in a minute and she could go lay back down. She proceeds to throw up all over herself and as I'm trying to find somewhere to pull over, she just keeps throwing up all over. I finally pull over and find something for her to hold onto to barf into and Josiah won't quit telling me that he can smell barf. I was trying not to think about it so I didn't get sick myself. UGH. Anyway, I get home and cancelled Baby T's speech appts for the day (she was supposed to have her re-evaluation today as well as her regular speech appt), get Little E in the bath and the whole time Josiah will not stay out of anything and he locked Baby T in the bathroom, wrote all over himself, putting DVDs in and out of the player, whatever he could get into, he was into it. Get Little E laying on the couch and Josiah and Baby T are constantly going up to her or trying to get her blanket. Finally, it hit me that it was Wednesday today and I could bring them to Mother's Day Out so that Little E could get some rest in peace. So, I called to see if they had any openings today and they did. Praise the Lord! So, we brought them up to MDO and I brought Little E home to rest. She was able to keep 1/2 an apple down. She's restless even though I'm trying to keep her down as much as possible. My stomach feels off as well, but this usually happens on barfy days around here to me. I'm really hoping that this isn't the start of a tummy bug that's going to make it's way through the house though. Lord, please help Little E feel better and keep the sickies away from the rest of us. Protect us, O Lord!

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Trying to adjust...

I'm still trying to get used to my schedule with school thrown in there again. I have been so busy. I think I only got about 30 minutes of down time throughout the day today. I dropped Deidra off for school, came home and fed the littles their breakfast, and then we had to go do the girls service plans at our agency. Then, we came home for a bit and I tried to do some laundry and the dishes. After that, I had to run Little E up for pre-k and then we went to the grocery store. Came home and fed them lunch and put Baby T down for a nap. Josiah wanted to lay on the couch, but he wanted his back rubbed. I dragged the groceries in and put them away and then the children's hospital called about my inquiries about Josiah and Little E. Spent about 30 minutes on the phone with her and I called the behavioral therapy place that she referred me to for Little E. Spent about another 15 minutes on the phone with them. I was thanking God that the littles had fallen asleep during all of this so I could talk in peace. Got her scheduled next week in the evening. I was so glad that they had evening appts and that Andy could go with me without him having to leave work early. Then, a friend called to tell me that it was her little boy's first day of kindergarten and the bus failed to drop him off. That's one reason that I don't put mine on the bus, but she has a baby due in the winter and she didn't think she could do it with the baby and trying to go out in the cold and the snow to get him to and from school and I don't blame her. I felt bad for her, but couldnt' talk long. The library called and told me that my books that I had put on hold for Josiah and Baby T's pre-k were up at the desk. After that, I ran out the door to get the girls from school. Then, we ran to the library to get my books, ran to Sonic to get a strawberry limeade chiller, and came home. Read The Tale of Peter Rabbit to the kids during snack time. Bribed them with candy if they were quiet and listened to the story. Little E almost lost hers, but they all succeeded. I got a social skills book from The Teacher's Aide that I want to work on with them. This week's skill is listening. They get a reward strip every time they do something on the first time that we instruct them or that we notice that they are practicing good listening. They played for awhile in the playroom and then they got to watch an episode of Dora while I made tacos for dinner and helped Deidra with her homework. We ate our dinner and talked about our day and then I gave them a bath and got their teeth brushed. Andy walked through the door and helped me put them to bed. He brought me home a suprise (some type of cookie brownie layered thing with chocolate frosting on top) that he got from a luncheon at work. Now, I have to put the Deeders to bed and then do my Dad's finances and get his bills written out so that they can go in the mail tomorrow. I'm going to try taking my antibiotics again before I go to bed and see if I can sleep through the nausea tonight. Still not feeling all that great...but I'm hanging in there.

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