Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ebay Auctions

Hi Abba. We decided to do some weeding out of clutter that we don't need to take to Texas with us. It's been rough parting with Deidra's baby clothes...I feel that in some way I'm admitting to myself that I may not have another baby to hold of our very own. Then, I get mad at myself for thinking that way. But, I know that we can always buy new stuff later. We have over 870 items listed. Please take a look. I gladly combine on shipping. We sell bedding, clothing, collectibles, books, gourmet items, vintage toys, and more. :-) I'll be adding a bunch little girl and infant clothes later on today as well. We move in just 7 weeks. Please help us sell a lot of this stuff. My goal is to pay for gas, food, and hotel expenses for our move down out of ebay funds.

Check out my ebay auctions at:
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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

No IUI this month...

Well, I was scheduled to go in for my u/s tomorrow, but I got a surprise this morning. My temps went up, so ovulation happened yesterday. I freaked and Andy came home quickly from work so we could do our thing since it had been a few days. lol. I had been feeling a little nauseated the past couple of days and thought I was coming down with something. Went back and reviewed last month's cycle and discovered that I got nauseated around ovulation time last month as well. Things you come to find out.... Anyway, I guess we'll know in 2 weeks whether it worked or not. :-) Please help this to be it! I know your timing is perfect! I know I must be patient.

My transfer went through...

Hi Abba. Thank you so much for looking out for us.

Well, after waiting for almost a week...I found out on Saturday that my transfer with work has gone through. I'm going down to part-time as that's the only way it would work, but that's secretly what I was wanting anyway. Deidra has been asking repeatedly lately to have Mommy at home with her again and this way I'll get to spend more time with her as well. Now, to just find Andy a job down there and we'll be all set.

We also reserved the U-Haul this morning. Now to just find a place for us to live and we'll feel a little better. :-)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Grandma has been found...

Hi Abba, thanks so much for looking out after my Grams and keeping her safe. She lives with my Uncle Shaun, so a simple courtesy would have been to let him know so he wouldn't worry.

This was the update I got from my Mom.
----- Original Message -----
To: Jess
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2006 2:58 PM
Subject: Re: grandma
she showed up last night at uncle shauns around 8:30. she hopped a bus
to jacksonville fl. to see about getting her teeth fixed.....! i guess (and she doesn't really have too) she felt it wasnt no big deal to tell anyone she was leaving.....

hummmm......... but on the other hand....i'm relieved she's okay...
love mom

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Hoffmans are Moving to Texas

Abba, I pray for a smooth move for us and that you will help us find a good job down there for Andy so that I can be at home with Deidra again. I pray that my transfer with Home Depot will go through in the mean time and that I will be happy in my new store. I am going to miss my friends at my store when I go dearly. We've all become a great family there. It's going to be hard to leave. Anyway, here is our moving agenda. Please help us to find a house that we can rent that will take all the cats and that we will all like too.

My last day at Home Depot is April 14. I've applied for a transfer and hope it goes through soon.

On April 17, Deidra and I are leaving early in the morning to drive down to Texas. We'll stay with my Mom and brothers and find us a house to rent while we are down there.

April 27 is Andy's last day at Compulit and on April 28, I'll leave Deidra with my Mom for the weekend to fly back (to Midway since it's cheaper) to help Andy pack up the U-Haul. We'll head out for Texas on Saturday, April 29 and hopefully be there to move into our new home on Monday, May 1. :-)

Friday, February 10, 2006

On to cycle 5....

Hi Abba. AF showed up today. Please help this cycle go better. We have one more shot at trying for a baby before we move. Let this be the one. :-)

The stress is starting to hit me...

Abba, please help keep all of us calm and to get everything done that we need to and please help my transfer go through.

I'm starting to panic. I have a little over 8 weeks to get everything ready to go. Because my hours are so screwy and Andy has been working so darn much, it comes down to we really only have my 2 days off a week to get everything ready and packed. That's only 16 days to get all of our stuff weeded out and packed away. We've been trying to do a little bit each night, but it's hard since there's not much time after dinner and between getting D down for the night and still trying to spend the time with her that she needs.

I told Corey on Monday that I was leaving. I thought he was going to be mad at me for the fact that he's been fighting so hard to get me the promotion. But, he told me that he'd still fight for me to get the position since I'd be leaving just as the other girl was coming in and that I deserved the job. He doesn't know what he's going to do without me and he's been full of praise lately for me on the days that I work with him. I told Kathy and I thought she was going to cry. We really have become like a family up there. Me...I've already been teary-eyed about leaving, but panicy about my new store...what if my new supervisor is really lazy or a prick or not as easy to get along with as Corey? What if everyone doesn't like me or I don't fit in very well? Do they have an outside garden register down there that I have to stand outside in in the 100 degree heat? I'm going to have to get used to a whole new layout of a store and all new people. I know in the end things will be fine...I'm just nervous. Corey told me that I'll be loved just as much there as I'm loved here and that I better leave them my cell phone number so they can check on me. Kathy said they'll be calling me at my new store as well to check on me. I think I'm going to have to transfer as a part-time associate too, which makes me a bit nervous since Andy doesn't have a job as of yet down there. Thank God for our emergency fund and our tax return money!

I've started to make the arrangements though little by little with renting the u-haul and the car tower thing. I just never realized how expensive it is to move across country. I found out the prices for a one-way airplane ticket from Dallas to Midway and from Dallas to Detroit to see where it would be easier to fly in. Andy's going to have to come get me at Midway as it's about 90 dollars cheaper to fly into there. Once we figure out our budget for this week, we'll be buying my ticket. I also want wills printed up in the event that anything happens to us during this whole thing. I just want to know that Deidra is taken care of.

I've been a bundle of emotions this week though. There's not enough time to do everything in. :-(

My Grandma is Missing...

Hi Abba. I received this e-mail from Mom yesterday. Please let someone be able to locate her safe and sound. It seems like so much has happened in our family over the past few weeks...we need some good news!

----- Original Message -----
To: Jessica Hoffman
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 12:13 PM
Subject: grandma

uncle shaun called me last night.....grandma is missing.....see was last
seen one knows where she is....

....... Life change takes place when you change how you think! ........
"Your attitude(mind)should be the same as that of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 2:5

Deidra's 5 Year Check-Up and a Hoffman Update

Hi Abba. Thank you so much for a healthy litttle girl and for guiding us on the right timing to move!

Took Deidra in last week for her 5-year check-up so that she's all set to go to kindergarten this fall. Kindercare also needed her records updated and all of her immunizations to be up to date. So, I took her in and she's 47 lbs and 44 inches tall. She did all the things that she was supposed to do for the doctor, walking on tiptoes...walking on heels...walking with one foot in front of the other like you were walking a tightrope...hopping on each foot...counting and her ABCs. She was quite the show-off. She got her chicken pox vaccine since that is the only one that I had declined to get for her and I'd give her until she was ready to go to school to see if she got it on her own. They also needed to do her TB test, so she got that as well. She wasn't too thrilled with me for that one, but I told her if she was a brave girl I'd take her out for a treat and she opted for a chicken nugget happy meal from McDonalds as her reward. She didn't do too bad and the doctor said she's definitely right on track and if she could only bottle up some of her energy....

Also for a bit of an update on us...some of you know that we have been working on a move to Texas...well we're planning to move around May. Deidra and I will be driving down for 2 weeks at the end of April to get settled and find us a home to rent and then I'll come back to help Andy move down. As we come to know more definite dates, we'll keep everyone posted. :-)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

In the 2 week wait...

Hi Abba. I finally ovulated this cycle and we're now in the 2 week wait. I think we timed everything pretty well, please help this be the one! The wondering has me going crazy, but I know I must be patient and that your timing is perfect. Help me be patient, but please help our dreams to come true soon.

Well, my work did it again...

Hi Abba. Please guide me in the right decision to make here....

I wasn't given the position that was promised to me once again. They were going to do the interviews this week and Corey told everyone that I had his vote. Paige talked to him later that day on Thursday and told him that she had a full-time transfer for him as a line manager, but she wasn't going to start until the end of May. He told her that she was going to give me the news as I was going to be very upset. Him and Kathy both are pissed that Paige did this without consulting Corey or our ops manager. Anyway, I was clueless and Kathy came in last night to close and said that she was ready to walk with all the shit that was going on. I asked her what was going on and she said "the Pat stuff and some other shit that is going on that I can't really talk about." Pat is on medical leave and everytime she thinks she's coming back, it gets delayed and we have to cover her shifts. Anyway, I left enough alone. She went to talk to the ops manager in the phone center and I walked in behind her and all of a sudden one of the guys was like "Kathy, ssh!" and then they turned to look at me. I thought I had heard my name, but wasn't sure. One of the other cashiers, Jess (the one that was trying to stir up trouble between Corey and I) had been in talking to HR for an hour or so about a lot of things, so I wasn't sure if it was about her or not. Anyway, I turned around and left and Kathy came back. I told her it was getting to be where I only trust her in that place and she said that she felt the same way about me. Anyway, a half hour later I got called to HR's office and I wondered what was up. Kathy told me that she kinda knew what it was about and not to do anything rash until after I had talked to her. I walked back there wondering what it was that I had done even though Kathy told me that I didn't do anything. I walked back to find her and the ops manager sitting there waiting for me. She started in by saying that Corey and Kathy were worried about me and they were wondering why I was so upset. I sat there puzzled and dumbfounded as I wasn't upset about anything. Finally, Paige (HR) says "You're not upset that I transferred in a full-time line manager? Corey said you were going to be throwing daggers." I asked her how I was supposed to be upset when I hadn't known about it until now, but that I was fine." Steve told me that Corey and Kathy thought very highly of me as well as the both of them and that if I was upset they wanted to know about it. I was so completely caught off guard that I just kept saying that I was fine. Paige said that they knew they couldn't expect me to sub forever, but to keep doing the great job that I was doing and that maybe she could open up 2 positions, but then someone would be stuck on a register and that wasn't really fair either. She said there was a chance that maybe she wouldn't come or maybe she wouldn't come over as a line manager, but that they wanted me to keep filling in. I left it on good terms and said that I was fine.

I came back up front and talked to Kathy and she said that she thought that her and Corey were more pissed than me. As more time went on though, I felt myself getting upset and was on the verge of tears. Kathy said that it isn't fair that they're just dangling a carrot in front of my nose and aren't going to promote me and that it's not fair that they're expecting me to do the job without the pay for the next 4 months and then taking the position away from me either. I asked why it's fair that just because this girl has to move and can't take the position in May, why it's fair for me to not be able to get the position when I'm available now? And why should I be the one that has to go back to being stuck on a register the whole time.

Andy wound up coming in to get me and I wound up telling him what happened. He wanted me to quit on the spot and screw them all. I told him that I can't quit without insurance and I don't want to screw Corey adn Kathy and the rest of the people on the front end...this isn't their fault. Corey called 3 times yesterday asking Kathy if Paige had talked to me yet as he was worried that I was going to walk. He told Paige that if I walked because of them, that he was screwed as I was his best associate up there. I'm hurt, but yet touched that they think so highly of me. But yet, I don't know how many times I can let them promise me something and then see them take it from me either. All I'm doing if I continue to stay is letting them know that it's ok to walk all over me. Kathy begged me not to quit and I told her that I needed some time to think about everything. Andy wants me to tell Paige since she let the girl transfer based on the fact that we have to look out for all the Home Depot people that I want a transfer to Texas and I expect her to make it happen. He told me to go down and start looking for houses to rent for us and then he'd come down once I had things set. I just don't know what the right answer is. Obviously we're working towards moving to Texas and we plan to do that in a few months anyway, but I don't know what the answers are on timing right now either. I'm tempted to quit at HD and just take D to Texas and get us settled and find us a place to live and me a new job down there altogether. What to do...what to do....

I just had to vent.....I'm so confused.

8 Qualities Of My Perfect Partner

Hi Abba. I've been tagged by Sarah! The tagged victim lists 8 different points of their perfect partner & give the gender. In order to avoid the meme curse I must tag 8 victims (they would be listed at the bottom of this post) to join this game & leave a comment on a post letting them know they've been tagged.

My partner: Male

8 qualities of my perfect partner (in no particular order of importance) :

1. Shares my faith in God

2. Is willing to show me affection and is attentive.

3. Loves his family and is willing to spend time with them.

4. Is not afraid to cry or show his emotions.

5. Has a good sense of humour and can make me laugh and tries to have a positive attitude.

6. Is very loving and loyal.

7. Shares my dreams, morals, and values.

8. Someone who would never cheat and will always stay true.

I'm just glad that Andy possesses these qualities. Thank You, Abba, for bringing him into my life.

The people that I'm going to tag are...Jenn, Janene, Julie, Racheal, Cory, Leslie, Erin, and Amy.