Friday, August 31, 2007

New business venture?

Well, we're going to register a business and get a sales tax license. I have fallen in love with the candles that we did for Deidra's Pee Wee Cheerleading fundraiser and in further talking with the lady about them and prices and all the scents, I am going to go foward with it. My gourmet foods sell themselves and I easily make quota now with just internet sales...I am talking about maybe doing a few craft sales and I think the candles will sell themselves as well. They smell great and are very cute and the people that bought them through the fundraiser have raved about them I think they'd go hand in hand at a craft fair and my Mom has agreed to do them with me. I told Andy that I only see myself staying at the Depot until the end of the year and doing the craft fairs will give me a break from everything too and I think they'd be fun to do. I'm going to start out with a handful of scents and include 4 fun Christmas ones and take it from there.

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Hopping back on the weight loss train...

Well, this bleeding that I have going on is getting heavier and heavier. I researched some ways to naturally treat it since my doctor just wants to put me either on the pill or on fertility meds. Everything is coming back to good blood sugar control, a diabetic diet, weight loss, and natural progesterone cream. My Medifast board is having a "NO Cheat September" and I plan on starting up tomorrow. I NEED to do something. Wish me luck...


Thursday, August 30, 2007


Hi Abba. I feel stressed and anxious today...I'm being a big baby really and just worry. I know I really shouldn't, so please lift this stress and anxiety from me today. I know You will take care of me. Amen.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Deidra on her First Day of First Grade

Yes, I'm the picture queen today...but I wanted to share Deidra's first day of school pics too. She is loving first grade so far. She came home yesterday telling me all about her music class and how the teacher can play all sorts of different instruments. I am glad to see her loving music just as much as we do and I hope that she learns to play an instrument too one day...but it was fun to see how animated she got over it...of course she crushed Daddy too as she told him that the music teacher could play better than he could...she apologized later...but Andy took it well. We still think Andy's pretty talented...maybe one day we'll play some french horns again...we keep thinking about it. :-) Anyway, school exhausts her and she came home last night and took a huge nap. She's doing well and I'm excited for her. I love hearing her talk and talk about school...she loves her teacher and she's making new friends too and she's been seeing some of her old ones at recess and at lunch time. I think the boys miss her when she's at school...their faces light right up when she comes to the car to get in when we go pick her up and when I tell them that it's time to go get her they both just run to the door. She hugs on them a lot too once she gets home. But, she left today all excited that I gave her popsicle money so she could get a popsicle after she ate her lunch. They do the lunches differently now that they're a bit older and she was so excited to see that they had choices now...and they can buy snacks as well if they want to. It's so funny to listen to her talk about everything...she can talk and talk and's too cute, but I really am excited that she's so happy and excited to be back at school.

Deidra showing off her new backpack...

Deidra in her new dress...and new tennis shoes that Grandma got for her...


Our little cheerleaders first game...

Here is our little Pee Wee cheerleader on her first game day. It was very hot outside (100 degrees easily) and their game was delayed by a couple of hours and so we had to sit out there and wait for the game to start for awhile. They did very well for how hot it was and we were very proud of them! Their team unfortunately lost...but we were proud of them for hanging in there with the heat!

Deidra's team cheering at the game...

Deidra all ready to go to her first game...


The entry way on 8-28-07

here's a picture of the entry way that we took last night 8-28-07. Yes, we're guilty...we go out there close to every day and if Jess must admit her guilt...sometimes I go out there a couple of times per day. Yeah, we're not excited or anything...


Drywall 8-25-07

They put all the drywall up on the 25th. :-)

Drywall in the master bathroom...

Drywall in part of the master bedroom...

Drywall in the living room...


Getting Bricked... 8-23-07

The house getting the bricks put on on the 23rd.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Soooo busy!

Wow! I have been on the go today. We had to get Deidra to school by 7:50. I had to bring D to his 2-year physical. I had 8 written down on the calendar, turns out they had it in the computer as being 9:15. We came home for a bit and I filled out all of his paperwork. Went back up there and they were in the process of rolling out a whole new system. Turns out that he's never had any immunizations other than the 1 you get in the we started with 2 month shots today. He'll be going back every 6 weeks until he's all caught up. He had to get some bloodwork done today too and I felt so bad for him with all the pokes that he had to get. He's terrified of the doctor's anyway...2 1/2 hours later we left with some more prescriptions. Went to the pharmacy to get prices so I could go ask the agency for a check as he's got a couple that are pretty expensive and his medicaid number hasn't gone active yet. Ran to the agency, then back to the pharmacy, and then back to the agency again so I could give them the receipt. Wound up getting called into the caseworkers lunch as they had a couple questions before we go to court on the 4th and to let us know how impressed they are with us. That made me feel good. Turns out that there was also a visit scheduled today, but they didn't want D going because of the medical stuff that he has. I feel bad that he won't be able to see his family. Just got home to feed the boys their lunch and we have to leave shortly to go get Deidra from school. Andy just left for work...bless his heart for helping me out this morning with everything. I'm hoping that Deidra won't have homework tonight as I have a ton of paperwork to catch up on with the boys stuff. Not to mention, that we planned on starting to pack tonight as well for the move. I'm just feeling a lot of stress today... I do feel good about my instincts now with this foster care's nice to know that my worries are also the doctors worries and that I didn't even have to voice those before she did. I'm always worried that I'm going to sound stupid since we're so new at this. Now, I'm off to see if I can find a sitter for the 4th so that we can go to the court hearing.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Deidra's Account of Her First Day of First Grade

Deidra: Mom, this is so awesome...they have a reward system where if you get less than 6 check marks for the grading period you get to go on a field trip to somewhere fun with the principal.

Mom: Well, what did you do today?

Deidra: Well, I got to make a couple of things and I got to bring one home and we talked about a bunch of stuff. Then, on recess I got to see Will, Jeremy, Kalee, and Katie, and Allison lost 3 teeth now.

Mom: Hopefully not today right?

Deidra: No, since I seen her last silly. I gave them all hugs.

Mom: you gave the boys hugs too?

Deidra: Well, just the girls...but I talked to the boys.

Mom: Did you have a good day?

Deidra: Yeah, I ate all my lunch and I have a paper that you need to sign...oh and the school is freezing so I need to bring a little sweatshirt or something ok?

Mom: That's fine. We'll find you something to put in your backpack.

Deidra: I'm hungry.

We got home and she went fishing through the cupboard for something to make. She finally settled on one of the new Jello puddings (chocolate with caramel chips).

Deidra: I was starving and I'm kinda tired.

Mom: Do you have homework?

Deidra: No, but you need to sign that paper.

Mom: Oh...(stifling a giggle)...let me do that then.

Deidra: Remember you said that homework had to be done right after school....

Mom: Oh...ok...I'll do it before we take you to gymnastics tonight (she advanced to the next level and goes to her first new class there tonight too).

Deidra: Ah-hem.

Mom: What?

Deidra: That's not part of the told me that homework had to be done right after we got home from school.

Mom: Ok, let me put the boys down for their naps and I'll get right on that.

Deidra: Maybe you better let me put the boys to bed so you can do your homework.

Mom: (I started laughing) Ummm...who's the one exactly that is in school here?

Deidra: Well, we just have to follow the rules.

Mom: ok, you're right...

So, after I finish this update I guess I better go do my homework. hee hee


Almost time to go get Deidra...

I've been so anxious all day to hear about her day. I still can't believe that I have a first grader. I can still remember the smell of her little baby head as I rocked her when she was just a baby and we'd sit and rock waiting for Daddy to come home from work. Where or where has the time gone? She's so eager to be a big girl and I just want the time to slow down. Granted, I can enjoy more and more with her as she gets older and I really had a lot of fun out shopping with her..boy is she opinionated now when it comes to her clothing though. But, she is truly a joy and I know she's been getting bored over this past month with being home and wanting to be with her friends. Her teacher really seems nice too and I just hope that Deidra enjoys her class. She is one smart little girl if a Mommy can say so herself. :-)

Well, I guess I'll go get the boys ready to go as I'm sure it will be chaos again to go pick her up. I remember last year I sat in one spot for at least a half an hour trying to get her during the first day of I guess it is really time to go. We'll update on her first day here shortly.



Abba, I just wanted to come and say a few thank you's. :-)

Thank you for my wonderful husband and for the wonderful job that you have given him. I pray that he always has job security there and that it will continue to be a wonderful place for him to work.

I thank you for my beautiful daughter and for her wonderful heart that she has. I pray that she will always be loving and willing to share her heart with others.

I thank you for my little foster sons, J and D, who couldn't be more sweet. I pray that they always know how much we love them and with all the best for them.

I thank you for our new home and I pray that we will always be safe there and always have the financial means to provide for it and that our family will always be blessed living there and that any visitors that we have there will be too.

I thank you for always watching over us and blessing us. Thank you, Abba, for your blessings and we pray that our family will always have your blessings today and everyday.

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Someone pass me the kleenex...

My big girl went off to her first day of first grade today. I wasn't sure if she'd be able to find her class on her own (they have 6 first grade classrooms) and 3 wings of the school, so I wanted to walk her in. She kept telling me she'd just do it herself, but I told her I'd feel better if I knew that she got to class ok. I was thrilled that I was able to find a parking space quite easily and I got the boys out of the car quite easily. We got into the school and they wanted us to wait in the gym or the cafeteria until the bell rang. I was glad at that point that I was with Deidra as we didn't know where either of those were in the school. We went to the start of her hallway and just waited there. She then said, "Mom, I just have to go down to where the last 1 is...I can do this by myself." I just saw her teacher walk down the hall though, so I told her I didn't want her to go into an empty classroom by herself, so I would see her into the room. The bell rang and we walked her down...she couldn't remember where her seat was and so we had to show her. She gave us all a hug and then said "Bye, Mom...I love you." The "I love you" was an afterthought. I walked out of her room and down the hall fighting tears of how proud I am of her...but a little sad that she's so independant now. As I was walking (carrying D and pushing J in the stroller), I heard "look, that's Deidra's Mom" but I couldn't see who it was with all the parents and the kids...then I finally saw that it was one of the girls that she has cheerleading with. Her Mom stopped to ask if I needed any help as it was total chaos in there and I had the boys, but I was managing ok. I got to the main hall though and I could not get of the teachers literally had to stop the crowds to give me some room to maneuver. It was kind of funny, but a little embarrassing at the same time. We finally made it outside and I figured I'd ask the crossing guard when and where I needed to pick Deidra up at. All the first grade parents were lost at what we were doing with being in a new school this year. I'm still a little confused at how it's going to all work out, but I guess we'll just see how things go. The schools are so different down here in how everything is set up it seems.

She was very excited about her first day though and was thrilled that she finally got to wear her new clothes that we got last week for her. She looked very pretty and was just thrilled. She says to me "Mommy, how many more years do I have to go before I get my class ring like you and Daddy have." We talked about that for awhile and then she brought up college. She asked me if she'd have to live somewhere else and we talked about whether she picked a state college or she chose to go somewhere else. She says "I get nervous when you and Daddy aren't I can I still sleep at home?" I told her that of course she could, but she may feel differently when she was older...but I told her that I just didn't want to have to think about her going away to college yet. She says "why, I have a savings that all going to be mine when I go to college?"...I told her that money that was put away was for her college and that it was started when she was just a baby...but we needed to get her through school first before we started talking about college." Then, she wanted to know about the things she'd learn in first we talked about that. She's growing up so fast...

She could hardly fall asleep last night, she was so excited to get back to school...I hope she's always this excited about learning new things.

I took pictures this morning...I'll have to put one up later on.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

I can't wait to see my house!!

We went by last night and saw that the insulation was in and the inspection was passed. I have pictures...just need to post them. Then, I got the call from the builder today saying that half of our brick was up and should be done later today. I can't wait to see it!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I love to be pampered...

I saw on Lisanne's blog ( how she had entered the Pamper Me Contest. You just have to blog about what you do to pamper yourself and what you do to make yourself feel good or if you often forget to take care of yourself you can blog about that too or even helping to pamper someone else. The prize is a cute little set from The Scented Tub. They’re randomly choosing a winner from every blog entry that they receive.

So...on to my pampering story.

I have always loved to play in the bathtub even as a little girl. I used to love to take bubble baths even in high school. When I started college, between working full-time and going to school full-time I had to switch to just showers but in times of stress, I'd always make the time to take a hot bubble bath.

Once I had my daughter, shower time just became a 5-minute shower and I maybe only take a bubble bath once every season change. I like to take them when I'm sick as well or if I'm really cold and can't seem to warm up. I love getting new shower gels and whatnot at the store though and love to use those in the shower. If I'm feeling down or just want an extra pick-me up I'll get my scented lotions out and cover myself in them. I love smelling extra good, but I don't spend a whole lot of time doting on myself.

We became foster parents at the end of May and one big thing that I really like to do now for a stress reliever is go through the drive-through for a big Starbucks frappuccino, but the kids down for their naps and sip on my frappuccino while I do some digital scrapping (you can see some of my digital pages here on my blog). I've paper scrapbooked ever since I got married and my daughter has a zillion scrapbooks, but now that we're fostering too to hopefully add to our family through adoption, I want to do books for them too and I just don't have the time to paper scrap for all of them and so I digiscrap on the computer. It relaxes me and gives me a creative outlet.

I am also big on candles...I love highly scented ones and when I'm cleaning the house, I'm known to have one going. I also love to light them at night or when I'm stressing out and just take the scents in. It relaxes me for some reason.

I am also an avid reader, however I don't make nearly enough time for it anymore. My one time that I do read each week is while my daughter is in gymastics class and I have an hour to wait for her...I read away and a time that I look forward to each week.

I also love to have my feet tickled and rubbed lightly and my husband and I often do that for one another at night while we're on the couch watching tv before bed.

I often put everyone else before myself...and although I try to make time for mysel feach day...I don't always succeed. I guess I need to make a challenge for myself and do that each day.


I'm miserable...

I seem to have gotten Deidra's problem of being constipated. I can barely get comfortable...the only way that seems to help is if I sit in the computer chair and sit sort of sideways. Laying in bed last night hurt and finding positions to lay in where I wasn't in total pain hurt. I don't know how many ounces of water I've drank, eaten a ton of fruit, I've taken ex-lax, I've used an enema, I drank a whole bottle of magnesium citrate, more water...I can't go. My back hurts now...I've been pacing the floors, I feel miserable and am just hoping that they don't want to do Baby D's home visit today. I don't know how I'll get through it if they do.

I went to go to blogger to try to get my mind off of this and it's down...trying to read and I can't concentrate because of the pain...tylenol's not doing anything...I don't know what else to do. Went to go get shorts aren't fitting right because my stomach is so bloated. I need to finish laundry I guess so that I can find something to wear. Oh...and to add more misery...I'm bleeding pretty heavily on and off and have those horrid cramps adding to it and I can feel a UTI coming on that I want to fight with cranberry juice.

And yes, I realize that I've shared way too much information about my bodily functions...but I just needed to whine and moan for a bit....I'm off my pity party now and will move on to other subjects. Thanks for listening...

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Family Picture

Nevermind some of the lack of eyes being opened or the silly expressions...but this was the only pic that I had of the family when my Dad was here and I just wanted to share. Abba, we can feel your hands at work with our know are wants and needs and we pray for your continual blessings to bring us all back together again.


We have a 2-year-old little boy...

We have an emergency placement of a little 2-year-old little boy. He's 1 of 4 siblings. The brother went with one agency and the other 3 are in mine. The sisters went to one home and I got the little guy. I think when we move if they're open to the idea I may tell them that I'm open to taking the sisters too. They really resemble Deidra with their blonde hair and blue eyes and they were very sweet. Our little guy has deep red hair and golden eyes and I have taken to calling him the little leprechaun. He's adorable and has a very sweet disposition.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Need help!

I'm trying to figure out how I want to decorate the boy's room in our new house. Go on over to my house blog and help me out by providing your vote for which one you like better!


Oh my...

The program administrator just called again. My heart jumped again as it's not like him to call. He asked me if our house was nice and calm and I said "yes, although J had been sick over the weekend." He asked me if I'd like some more chaos and asked me if I wanted twins who were 4 months old. I told him that right now car space was my only issue, but I could see if I could figure out a way to get 3 carseats in the backseat. He said that the e-mail was kind of confusing and he couldn't tell if they were boys or girls so he was going to call them back and find out for sure. He called me back a minute later and said that the boys had just been placed in Dallas. DARN! He said he'd find something for us very soon and we talked for a bit. He really likes us and thinks we are a great home! He told me to quit being nervous when he calls.

Abba, please bring us another baby soon....


Busy weekend...

I took Saturday off from work to take Deidra to cheerleading camp and take her back-to-school shopping. We got her all ready to go to camp and Baby J was being really fussy. I went to pick him up after I got Deidra's hair all done and he proceeded to barf all over me. So Andy had to take her to camp while I got J all cleaned up and redressed. I put him down for a nap and he slept for awhile. When he woke up, he was happier so I thought that I'd try to feed him some lunch. I got his chicken all cut up for him and put it on his tray. No sooner does he say "mmm" then he proceeded to throw up all over his tray and the floor. Once again, I picked him up and brought him to his room to change him and he threw up 4 or 5 more times all over his bedroom floor. Finally got him out in the hall to walk down to the bathroom and he threw up in the hall and over the bathroom floor. Got him into the tub to wash him off and he wanted to play in the water. Sat with him in there for a little while and then I got him back out and just put him in a diaper. I got some motrin in him as he was feeling pretty warm and then he just wanted me to sit with him and cuddle him. I felt so awful for him...he was giving me the most pitiful and sad looks. Andy went and got Deidra from camp and she asked when we were going to go shopping. At that point, I was really wondering if we should go as I didn't really want to leave J. Andy told me to go ahead and take her and he'd stay with J. He'd really fuss unless it was me holding him and I was really debating on whether to take her or not. Finally, I realized that D had really been looking forward to going shopping and it was tax-free weekend and one of the reasons that I had taken off of work. We were only shopping about 10-15 minutes away and so I told Andy that I'd go ahead and take her but if he got sick again and it was really fussing and he needed me to come home, to call me. I didn't think we'd be gone all that long.

We ran to JC Penney's first as they were having a closing sale as the store is relocating to a bigger building that is being built by Home Depot. We got some cute outfits for some good deals for her and Baby J. Then, we went to Target where I treated us both to Starbucks and then we were finally able to find her back to school supply list that she needed to bring with her to school. I told her the prices for that stuff were cheaper at Wal-mart so we just looked at the clothing at Target. We found a couple cute things for her and I got J a little sweatsuit from there at a good price. Then, we ran to Wal-mart and we finished up the clothes shopping first. More cute stuff and more good deals. I just need to find Deidra some jeans (nothing is fitting her right that we's either too snug in the waist and way too long or way too big in the waist and the pant legs are way too I'm going to have to try a different store with her) and some new shoes and she'll be good to go. Then, we went and got all her construction paper, notebooks, pencils, erasers, new backpack, hand sanitizer, Ziploc bags, glue, markers, and all that stuff that she needed to bring to school. I just need to run back to Target sometime this week to get manilla paper as Wal-mart didn't have the right size paper that she needed. We had a lot of fun together while we were out and by the time we got home I never realized that we had been out for a little over 4 hours. Oops!

We got home and Baby J was feeling a bit better. Andy hadn't fed him hardly anything as I had told him to just give his tummy a break. However, he had given him a couple ounces of soy milk to see how his tummy did shortly before I got home. He handled that ok and wanted to eat so we gave him a couple more ounces of milk a little piece of toast to chomp at. He did ok with that and so I had just had a quick errand to run and so we did that as a family. He did fine in the car, but the minute we got home he just wanted to sit on my lap and be held. I loved on him for awhile and then we got him ready for bed. I was a bit nervous about giving him a full bottle to go to bed with, so I just put him down with a couple ounces in his bottle and I gave him some more motrin before bed. This kid can eat like a I wasn't sure if he was going to cry when he finished what I had given him until I gave him a full bottle or not. But, he went to sleep without any issues so I was happy about that.

During Saturday night, Deidra kept saying that her tummy hurt. My stomach was feeling a bit off as well, so I wasn't sure if I just felt like that from cleaning up puke all day or if I had a touch of what he did as well. Deidra wound up coming in our room in the middle of the night and sleeping on her sheets so that she was close to the toilet if she needed it. Sunday morning came and I was feeling a little better and so I decided to go to church by myself while Andy stayed with the kids. When I got home, J was back to his normal happy self and Deidra was feeling ok although she still was saying that her tummy was hurting. The doctor put her on Prevacid to see if we're dealing with acid reflux as this has been an ongoing problem and so I think the medicine is just going to take more time to work. If we don't see any progress in a month's time, they'll be running some tests on her. I hope though that the medicine will make a difference, although the medicine is expensive. I was shocked when we got it filled and Andy showed me the price that he paid to get it ($110). I thought that the pharmacy hadn't ran it through insurance, but then I saw that insurance paid $38 towards it. UGH! It's worth it though if it makes her feel better...guess we're just going to have to give it some time to work. Anyway, I was able to spend a couple hours with Andy and the kids before I had to go to work. Work was exceptionally slow since it was tax-free weekend...everyone was out clothes shopping instead of doing home improvements this weekend. It made the time just drag by. 8 hours felt like an eternity. I was glad to get back home after work. Andy and I spent some quality time together talking about things and had some time to really connect with one another. That was nice as we've both been so busy lately that I was really starting to feel the was nice to close in the gaps again and to feel that closeness that I had been missing.


Friday, August 17, 2007

South Mountain

I used Shabby Princess' orange paper and the rust alphabet and embellishments from USC's Arizona Sunset kit. I had this all done yesterday, but couldn't get it to save. So, I had to draw a quick sketch of how I had it laid out so I could redo it today.

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Keep us in your prayers...

J's CPS caseworker came by today. She told me that J's mom had a caseworker that has been visiting with her down there, but she won't open up to her. Since she's used to the same CPS worker that J has, the worker is going to make an appt to go down there and talk with her. She wants her to understand that she has a real option to place J with us and she wants her to know that he's happy and doing well. She told me that he used to be a really quiet baby and he just seemed like he was sad all the time. She said she can't get over the change in his demeanor and how happy he is with us. She wants him to stay with us and she told me that she really wanted to talk to his mom about that. I told her that I just don't want adoption pushed on her and she said that she understands, but given how young she is, what she's going through already, and the positive changes she sees in J she wants her to really consider it and she said that since his mom was the one that brought it up first, she can see it going to adoption. I gave her pictures today to send to her and she asked me if it would be ok if she called with his mom on the line so that she could talk to us as his mom had some questions and we could put the phone up to J's ear for her to talk to him a bit. I told her that was fine, but I'd prefer that they used my cell number so that she couldn't trace our address that way. I told her that his mom was welcome to call that number anytime that she wanted as long as it was hours within reason and that she wasn't calling everyday. When she left, she said that she appreciated how open I was being with everything and how willing to work with not only his birthmom, but with her too. She said that she is really pulling for us and that this is the part of her job that she likes. She said too that she can see how clearly bonded J is to us as well and that is such a good thing. I want to keep this little boy more than anything. I'm a bit nervous about the questions that J's mom has for us and in talking with her as we've never talked to the birthparents before, but I just pray for God's guidance when she calls. I wasn't prepared for the caseworker's comments today though in her being on our makes me feel good, but hearing about how her perceptions of how quiet and sad he used to be makes me want to cry too. I just hope that some good can come out of this situation for J, his mom, and for us and that no matter what happens, we'll all be able to stay a part of his life.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Family Size

We had a mom's group outing the other night at Starbucks. The topic of family sizes came up. There are a few of us that are foster parents and another mom said that even when she was younger, she's had mom's ask her to take her children as they couldn't handle them and needed a break and she's had the idea in her head to start a house where people could drop their children off if they felt that they were losing control. Anyway, throughout the night us foster parents were asked why we decided to foster and the 2 of us that are already foster parents had pretty much the same story (we have trouble conceiving and these children need stable and loving homes and we want to make a difference in their lives) and there's one girl that wants to get into fostering that was talking to us as she can't find anything out through CPS. Anyway, one of the girls is young and has 4 children and after she left for the night, one of the mom's said that she didn't know how she did it as she was a lot older and her 2 drove her crazy on a consistent basis. Several of the girls suffered with infertility and one was just saying that she had a hard time seeing big families. I mentioned that I think everyone is programmed differently, some have more patience than others, some can handle bigger families easier than others. I didn't see anything wrong with small families, although large families have always fascinated me, but I think it's more important to stop when you feel the need to stop. Or if you feel the need to be child-free, I respect that too. It's not a path that I could see myself going down (even before Deidra) as I love children so much...but I don't think someone needs to be put down or judged by how many children, if any, they choose to have.

Someone brought up how you manage to support all those children and I mentioned that I don't think there's ever a perfect time to have children, but you sacrifice along the way and you find ways to make it work. Someone felt the need to point out to me that I get paid to do fostercare. Yes, we get paid a very minimal amount to do's no where near enough to support a child on, let alone we pay for everything out of pocket first. It's not like the kids come with a check. We're reimbursed the daily right once a month and we're given a certain amount for clothing each month. But, like I's not like you can totally support a child on what we're given and those of us who choose to foster parent and have the honest heart for it, are not in it for the money. We do it to make a difference in the children's lives.

I can see myself easily with 4-6 children. Andy's slowly hopping on board, but we have agreed to take it one at a time and see how it goes. I know we'll stop growing when we feel the need to. Some people feel the need to stop at 1 and that's fine too. People feel complete when they feel complete...but I just don't see why some people need to make it a competition or feel the need to put others down because of their decisions. I like my Mom's group and the people that I meet there, but I guess I was just shocked in a way that this topic came up and how judgmental some people are. When did society seem to put in place that it's only acceptable to have 1-2 children and if you go above that, you're nuts? It's a topic that I've heard come up quite a bit lately due to the Duggars having their 17th...but I never thought people would be so judgmental about other people's decisions for their lives.

God bless our families!


Any tips?

Did anyone have a screecher when they were babies? J will start screeching when he's happy this totally high pitched squeel that hurts your ears. I've tried telling him no and whispering to him, I've tried to redirect him by asking him to say certain words. That works sometimes, but jsut for a little while and then he'll go back to the high pitched squeel. It's hard when we're out in public sometimes too and he'll do it. It's embarrassing when he does it in church and it's totally silent when he does it. I'm hoping once he learns more words, he'll outgrow it. It's hard though when he does it too when I'm on the phone with someone...they'll have to hang up with me as he's hurting their ears too. I just wondered if anyone tried anything that I hadn't already thought of.



My cycles are still all whacky and I've been doing the whole pass a clot thing, bleed for a bit, then I'll be done until the process repeats itself. The doctor says it's just my PCOS...I've never had this problem before. I'm not entirely sure that I buy it. When I had the problem with bleeding before, it was extremely heavy and I needed surgery to stop it. I've never had it where the bleeding is barely there and I'm just passing occasional clots. Anyway, he told me I had 3 options...go on birth control pills (not going to happen), go back on clomid (at 2-3k each cycle for thanks, or do what I'm doing. I've had other doctors give me Provera to see if that helps...he's not even willing to give that to me. Then, add in my abnormal pap smear and I just keep wondering if something else is going on. But again, he's not concerned...just come back in a year and we'll see if anything has changed.

My moods are so horrendous right now, I'm so impatient, little things keep bothering me, and I have so much to do today that it's not even funny to get ready for J's CPS worker to come out for her home visit tomorrow as well as ECI as J has his therapy appt (that I don't even think he needs anymore).

Then add that something is going on with Deidra...she is always saying that her tummy is hurting. I thought she was just constipated for awhile, but it kept continuing so I took her to the doctor. He perscribed 2 different meds (something to make her have bowel movements and something to see if she was having problems with too much stomach acid). She really complains when it's time to lay down. I couldn't tell if she was just using that as an excuse not to want to go to bed, or if she really was having issues. Anyway, now she gets put to bed and she'll wake up not feeling well, go to sit up and puke everywhere. Last night, it went all over her totally unclean room (clothes, stuffed animals, just everything...and she was going to clean her room today UGH). So, we were up at midnight cleaning her up, her bed, her blankets, getting the clothes and all her toys up out of the way. She's crying th ewhole time that she doesn't want to have to throw her stuffed animals away. I told her I'd try my best to wash them, but I couldn't promise anything.

Baby J has decided lately that he prefers me over Andy. If both of us are home and Andy tries to do something with him or for him 90% of the time he'll cry until I come and do it. If we go to church, the only way he'll sit if we're both there is if I hold him. Andy will try and he'll start crying until I take him. While I'm glad that he's bonding to me, it makes it hard to get anything done. And I think Andy's feelings are a bit crushed, although he won't admit that. However, he does do ok with Andy when I'm not around and he will play with him and giggle and laugh, so I think he's just showing preferences right now...and if I remember right Deidra did the same thing around this age.

Anyway, I just hope that this PMS stuff ends soon and that my hormones start doing what they are supposed to do. I have to force myself to do a lot of tongue biting lately when Deidra is doing her normal kid stuff (everything is such drama with her right now and boy is she starting to get lippy). I don't like to scream and yell at anyone. I prefer to be firm, but say things in a calm voice. I sent her to her room the other day and she wouldn't go and finally I had to get up, pick her up and set her in her room and I had to tell her that we both needed a time out at that point and that she needed to focus on listening better and doing what she was told to do and that I needed some time out so that I didn't start yelling. I just really notice the little things starting to get to me with my mood swings. I hate being like this. Even Andy has had a little man PMS over this past week. I have to bite my tongue there too. He keeps saying that he's sorry, he's just tired. But I still think men go through PMS cycles sometimes and I just think he's in the middle of one. I hope that he gets over his soon too.

Anyway, I guess it's time to get to my chores today....wanna come over and help? I've got to clean the house, finish laundry, take Deidra to the doctor, do my medication log for J, get some pics developed so that I can give them to J's caseworker tomorrow, run to the grocery store, try to take Deidra back to school shopping, get J more clothes, mop the floors, and get us all some dinner later before we have to head to the agency for our swim time.

Abba, please help my cycles to go back to normal though and for mood swings to even out. I hate feeling like this. I think Andy and I need some time to connect as well and we've both been just a little snippy at times.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm officially a Texan...

I passed my driver's vision test and was able to get my Texas driver's license. Thank you, Abba. I also realized why I failed last time...they made me read the very last line. This time they made me read just the 4th.


Going in for my driver's test in a little while...

and I'm nervous. Abba, please be with me this morning, calm my fears, and help me to pass my vision screening. I know that I'm being a baby about this....


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Arizona Family Photos

I used Suzanne Walker's Fiesta del Sol for the background paper and then I used Brent Boone's sizzle kit for the embellishments.

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At Uncle Geoff and Mimi's House

I used Suzanne Walker's Fiesta del Sol kit for this one.

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Going to get my license tomorrow...

and I'm nervous about it since I failed the vision test last time. I pray that my contacts help me out (I'm still trying to get used to them) and that I can pass this time. Say a prayer for me that I'll pass if you don't mind and come home with a new Texas driver's license tomorrow morning.

Abba, please be with me tomorrow and I pray that I will pass my vision test with no problems and that I'll be able to get my new Texas driver's license tomorrow morning.

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Swimming at Uncle Geoff and Aunt Mimi's Pool

I used Darlene Haughin's Shore is Fun sampler for this one.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

My brother, Zach

So, he passed his GED and we are so proud of him for that. Then, he called on Friday and told my Mom that he has got a job. He's working in the mall in the food court and next month he's going to move in with some friends and they're going to share rent. I'm thrilled that he's finally making some responsible decisions and I just pray that it continues. I'm so proud of him right now. :-)


A visit with my Dad...

My Mom came and picked him up at Home Depot on Saturday night and said she'd bring him back to our house after I got out of work, but that they needed time to talk and put the past in the past. I got out at 10:30 and she never dropped him off til close to midnight. I had to work on Sunday and my supervisor wound up letting me come in late so that I could spend a little more time with him. We went to church in the morning together...that's the first time that's happened in quite awhile (with my Dad wiht us anyway) and then I took him by our new house to walk through it. We went out for lunch at Fire Mountain and then took some family pictures. We went out to the lake for awhile, but it was just too hot unless we had our feet in the we came back to our house for awhile until I had to go to work. Dad went to Mom's to spend the rest of the day with them and then after I got home from work, they came by the house to pick me up so that we could bring him back to the truck. But, it's looking like they really may get back together at some point soon, although they are starting out slow. There's some things that I need to find out on my end too if he winds up staying with me for the first little while. I may just wind up trying to find him a really cheap place to stay too since he's only in a couple nights every 3-4 weeks. We'll just see what the plan works out to be I guess. Lots of prayers have been answered and some are in the process of being answered and it was a good visit with him. Very different from the rest....

We also had a few things that told us that Mother Mary was really interceding in prayer for us. It's odd that I couldn't shake the motorcycle incident last week and then when I told my Mom she said that she had just talked with my Dad about that. And my Dad said that he had tried to rescue a dying rose bush and was told that it more than likely wouldn't bloom, he tried anyway and on the morning that he was coming here the bush bloomed a beautiful rose and he felt like he was given a sign that he belonged back here. He spent most of Saturday evening with my Mom and we talked for a bit once he got back here before we went to bed.

Sunday morning, we were all able to go to Mass together. Mom opened up her prayer book in Mass and a beautiful red vibrant rose petal was in there and she showed it to me. We've had some blessed rose petals for a few years...she knew it was in there, just didn't know that it was in that specific spot and we couldn't get over how vibrant and bright it looked with how old it was. When we left for lunch, I got into the car (my Dad was smoking and I can't stand that smell)...yet when I got into the car I was hit with a beautiful scent of roses. I immediately said that I smelled roses...nobody else could smell them. It only lasted for a couple of minutes, but I knew she was at work in prayer. I couldn't smell the cigarette smoke or anything else, but the roses. When I said good-bye to go to work that afternoon, I got into the car and said some prayers about bringing my family back together again, and I smelled the roses again briefly...strong but brief. It made me smile. I got to work and my friend A came up to me and asked me if my Dad was still here. I told him that he was leaving tonight after I got out of work. He knows that we don't see him much and that we all struggle with that. God has used him so many times to speak to many times things will be going on that A has no idea about...and he'll say something that has to do with my prayers or something that I'm struggling with and it's kinda freaky when it happens, but it gives me an answer to prayer most of the time. Anyway, A told me that he just felt led to tell me that God works in mysterious ways and timing sometimes, but that God would bring him home so that we can enjoy him more. Once I got home from work, I shared that with my Mom and when we went to drive my Dad back to the truck so that he could go to where he needed to unload, we were able to say a beautiful family prayer.

My Dad wants to come home, my Mom wants him to come home...there's still a few things that need to be dealt with and figured out first...but they're going to start out slow and go back to dating and rebuilding their relationship. It felt like old times to have him here and this visit was so totally different than the others. It was good and I just wanted to say thank you, Mother Mary, for praying for our family all this time and knowing what our hearts wanted. We can see our prayers being answered now. Abba, thank You for the visit this weekend and for the healing and the peace that you are bringing to our family.


Friday, August 10, 2007

My Daddy...

So, my Dad called last week to tell me that he was getting laid off. The guy that runs their company was retiring and he just wanted out of everything. His son is talking about taking over the company, but it was going to take about a month for him to get everything switched over into his name and so the workers were going to be out of work for a minimum of a month. He runs another trucking business or something similar though, so he was going to see about taking a couple of the trucks for their good driver and transferring them to that company when he could get runs for them occasionally in the meantime.

He called me and asked me if I wanted to see him and at first I couldn't figure out what was going on. My Mom and him are talking about getting back together so I couldn't figure out if he was talking about moving back here or if he was just passing through or what exactly was going on. He's taking a run for his buddy out here and said that he could come spend a day or two with us before his load was due into the docks. I switched a couple things around at work so I could spend a little more time with him. I'm excited about getting to show him our house in progress and getting to spend some time with him. I'm hoping that we'll be able to go out to dinner as a family again as well and that I'll actually be able to go this time. Last time they all had fun and trips down memory lane without me as I had to go back to work. He's going to spend the night with us too, so that will be nice.

Bless my Daddy, Abba, and be with him on his travels and throughout his time of unemployment and keep him safe from any harms. We're really hoping that he'll move back here to TX so that we can be a family again too. I pray for Your love and guidance there as we can already see some answered prayers there.


Thursday, August 09, 2007


I went for my yearly pap smear at the end of July. They called today saying that it came back abnormal but it wasn't giving them a grade. My ob-gyn said that since I don't have a history of abnormal paps that I could just come back in a year and have the test repeated. I asked his nurse if that was really ok to do as I don't really want to take a chance. She said that a lot of times the tests are misread and the doctor was just chalking it up to that. I hung up with her and sat and thought about it. I don't think I feel comfortable waiting a year. We have a family history of ovarian and uterine cancer. I called the insurance company and asked them if they'd cover a repeat test and she was shocked that the doctor was willing to let it go for another year without finding out for sure what a 2nd test revealed. So, now I'm worrying that this really may be cancer or something pre-cancerous. But, it makes me mad that the doctor just blew it off like that. Unfortunately to have the 2nd test covered under insurance it has to be done by the same doctor, but if I still don't feel comfortable after that one, I'm switching offices.

Update: Well, the doctor himself called and said he won't do another test as he doesn't think I have to worry. So, I'll be calling my Mom's doctor that she goes to and having another test done there.


Foster Parent Fundraiser

Our foster parent association is having their quarterly fundraiser. The monies that we earn goes to help the kids with their clothing, school supplies, Christmas fund, placement money to help with furnishings their bedroom furniture, and that type of thing. Anyway if anyone wants to help us's a list of what you can buy and the association gets to keep 50% of the earnings to help our county's kids. YEAH!

Hi everyone! Sorry to bother you again. Deidra thanks you for helping her out with her cheerleader fundraiser and now we're coming to you again with our quarterly foster parents' association fundraiser. This one is through Home Interiors and will help the county's foster children. Candles, air fresheners, lotions and shower gels, kids' soaps and bathtime stuff. Thanks so much for your help!

Homestyle Candle Jars (7.5 oz jar with burn time of 40 hours) $7
Baked Applie Pie -- Fresh apples and fragrant cinnamon baked to perfection
Hawaiian Delight -- An enlivening blend of coconut, pineapple and banana
Sprinkle Shortbreak Cookies -- The wafting aroma of freshly baked vanilla shortbread cookies
Raisin Bread -- The fresh-baked aroma of raisin bread spiced with cinnamon and clove
Chocolate Dipped Apricots -- The enticing essence of sweet apricots dipped in rich milk chocolate
Brambleberries -- The scent of ripe, juicy berries with a hint of vanilla
Chocolate Iced Cookies -- The irresistible aroma of creamy chocolate icing atop soft vanilla cookies
Egg Nog -- The inviting aroma of rich, creamy egg nog flavored with vanilla and nutmeg
Apple Nut Muffin -- The enticing scent of warm apple-nut muffins flavored with maple and ginger
Spiced Orange -- Fresh-cut orange slices simmered with allspice and cinnamon sticks

Designer Candle Jars (12.5 oz jar with burn time of 65 hours) $12
Baked Applie Pie -- Fresh apples and fragrant cinnamon baked to perfection
Lily of the Valley -- A rich floral bouquet of lilies of the valley, lilacs, tea roses and jasmine
Asian Pear -- Fresh-picked pears with a hint of rich vanilla bean
Pineapple Guava -- These bright, rich fruit essences are sweet and exotic
Citrus & Rose -- Fresh-cut roses mingle with citrus, sweet pea and jasmine
Cinnamon Red Tea -- Fragrant red tea leaves infused with cinnamon and orange blossom
Delicate Breeze -- Bergamot, lemon and reosemary create a clean, refreshing combination
Moonlight Tuberose -- A soft and silky blend of tuberose, jasmine, green apple and white pear
Fresh Cotton -- The essence of freshness enhanced by bergamot, lemon and jasmine
Cranberry Orange -- Tangy cranberries and fresh orange zest with notes of pomegranate and orchid

Fragrance Ceramic Charms $10
Shimmering Stars Fragrance Charms in the scent of Holiday Pine -- the crisp, natural scent of a freshly cut pine tree. Set of 2. They come with ribbon hangers.

Country Casual Fragrance Charms in the scent of Baked Applie Pie -- Fresh apples and fragrant cinnamon baked to perfection. Set of 2. You will receive one apple shaped charm and one chicken shaped charm. They come with ribbon hangers.

Lotions & Shower Gels (8 oz) $9 each. Sold Separately.
Jasmine Sweet Pea -- A subtly exotic scent with light floral nights. Comes in lotion and a gel.
Blackberry Vanilla -- Fresh berries blended with creamy vanilla. Comes in lotion and a gel.
Tangerine -- Tangerine essence blended with soothing botanicals. Comes in lotion and a gel.

Room Fresheners (5-pack) $10
Linen Fresh -- The light, clean scentof fabric softener with cedar and jasmine
Mango Cooler -- A tropical blend of juicy mango, ripe tangerine and zesty lemon
Green Apple -- The tart yet sweet scent of crunchy green apples
Jasmine Vanilla -- Fragrant, calming jasmine with rich notes of vanilla and rosewood

Zoobilee Bath Collection For Kids
Zoobilee Hand Soap -- Cherry Crush 9.5 fl. oz. $7.99
Zoobilee Hand Soap -- Burstin' Blueberry 9.5 fl. oz. $7.99
Zoobilee Mud Soap -- Very Berry Melon 12.5 fl. oz. $9.99
Zoobilee Finger Paint Soap -- Very Berry Melon 3.5 fl. oz. $6.99
Zoobilee Bath Gels -- Cherry Crush, Burstin' Blueberry and Very Berry Melon 3 pc set $7.99
Zoobilee Bath Mitt -- 11"x10 3/4" polyester 8.99

If we do have to ship your order, we will charge a small shipping fee...but it will just be actual shipping charges. :-) If you do send a check too, please make it out to ECFPA. Thanks!! Just let me know if you're interested in placing an order and I'll let you know my mailing address. I have to have all money turned in by the first week in September and we'll get the merchandise by the first week in October. Thanks so much!

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God's Gift

John 10:10
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

This study is aboutchildren being a gift ofthe Lord and how some people aren't even waiting to unwrap the gift or allowing the fruit of the womb to be God's reward. One of God's blessings of trust is that he trusts us women and counts on us to care for one of His dear children. Children are not trash to just throw away. It goes on to talk about graciously accepting the gift of pregnancy and either raising the child or giving it up for adoption so that the child can be given the gift of life and still being able to contribute to our society and being adopted into a family who wanted a child.

It also leads into how that's exactly what God has for us. He wants to adopt us into His family. We are not God's throwaways...we are His reward. God sent Jesus as a sacrificed gift to us. He laid down his life for us and He went to the cross so that we will never have to suffer the punishment. What other God is so awesome than to die for us so that we will not have to suffer eternally? We are His reward. He said, "I have come to give you life" (John 10:10). What an awesome God we have!

Thank You, Jesus, for Your love to me that while I was yet a sinner, You died for me. Thank You for the little children. Please protect them in their mother's womb, and may these children be an opened gift to parents. May we, as a country, rise up and defend our children in and out of the womb. I also want to thank You for the gift of my beautiful Deidra and allowing me to have the experience of pregnancy. I also pray for the foster children that you give to us to care for and I pray that we will be able to adopt some of them along the way. We thank You for Your blessings. Amen.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Hi Abba. Things are exceptionally tight until Friday and we just had to transfer some money over from savings. Some things have popped up that we've needed money for and some is just needless spending. Please take care of us over the next couple of days until we can get our checks in the bank and don't let anything go into overdraft protection. I don't think we will...but I just hate it when the money situation looks like this once in awhile.


Using Our Talents

Matthew 25:21
Well done, good and faithful servant!

Today's study contains two important points:

* God's call for faithfulness in the use of our talents to Him.
* A warning for those who do not use their talents.

God challenges us to take small steps to venture out with our talents and to be faithful to our calling. We have to cultivate our talents...they won't just come out full-grown. It may take some time or lots of practice until we're really successful at our talent.

As with any talent, we must be willing to be used. Yes, there is a risk, but it's worth the insecurity to find out how far God can take us if we are willing. In today's parable we see that the first two servants were willing to take that risk. Their stewardship gave them a blessing of 100-percent return for their efforts, plus their master said, "Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!"

If you want to be successful in God's eyes, you must first be faithful with a few things; then God will cheerfully put you in charge of many things. Is there a talent that people keep telling you you are good at, but you just shrug it off as not being good enough? No one could be blessed by my talent, you think. This passage tells you to take the risk. Don't limit God--He is not to be put into a box. How many of you have a poem to be written, a song to be sung, a book to be authored? Listen to God today as He calls you to a life of adventure. Life is not borning when you have a purpose.

A warning to those who don't use their talents. Even though today's passage talks about faithfulness to use our talents for God, we can't leave this Scripture without looking briefly at God's warning in verses 24-30. This therd servant was afraid. He wasn't willing to take a risk with his one talent. He went and buried it in the ground. How many of us are fearful and bury our talents? The warning of these few verses is that God hold us responsible for our lives and what we do with them.

We want to stand before God one day and hear Him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant!"

Father God, at times I don't feel I have any talents, but I know You have given each of Your children special gifts. Today, I'm asking for directions in using my talents for Your glory. Please reveal to me what my special gifts are that You want me to develop and for courage to share them with others. Thank You for listening to my prayer. Amen.

Friends of mine...would you like to share with me what your perception of my special gifts or talents would be.

And to all my friends out there that are insecure about their talents and are afraid to go a risk taker. Let's all be risk takers together! My Mom and I were just talking about how one day God will ask us what we have done with the blessings He has given us...this goes hand in hand. :-)


Home Visit

Today is our home visit with our caseworker. It's her last week today. I pray that not only does our home visit go well, but that you will bless S as she prepares to move back home and go back to school and that you will help her to find her someone special that will overlook her disabilities and see how truly special she is. She's beautiful and sweet and she deserves to find her special someone. I'll miss her and wish her all the best.


Monday, August 06, 2007

Our Vacation Condo

I used Brent Boone's Sizzle kit paper for this one and a template from Scrapbook Flair to document the condo we stayed at in Phoenix.

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Discover Hwy 87 Part 2

I used USC Arizona Sunset Kit. This is my 2nd page for the drive up Hwy 87.

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My brother Zach passed his GED

and he did really well on his scores. He only had to pass each subject with a 410. He got a couple 500s, a couple 700s, and in one subject he was in the 800s and ranked 99% in the state. I'm so proud of him!



Wow, I just talked to my Mom to ask her about something concerning their accident. She said that my Dad had asked her about something and they wrote to the priest to gain more insight (they are talking about getting back together) and she had written my Dad a letter last week and just mentioned that accident and how Mother Mary protected them. She talked about how I've always been a bond between them and that just shows that since I just brought that accident up not even knowing that it had just come up between my Mom and Dad. I don't know exactly what it means, but it gives us all hope. I told her that I had kept thinking about that accident and the roses and couldn't shake it. I never even knew until now that they had just been talking about that very same thing. Weird!

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The voice...

I've always known that there was a God. I've always loved going to church and my Mom has always said that when she used to say my good-night prayers that I always said the most beautiful prayers. My family has also been blessed in Godly ways. A few moments stick out in my mind and I've really been thinking about them a lot and so I thought I would share.

When I was about 12, there was a travelling statue of Mary that would be passed around between the Catholic churhes in our area. Each church was given a certain amount of time to have it and families would sign up to have it in their homes for a certain time period. We had her for a week. It was beautiful and we dressed up our coffee table all nice to put her on and we would say our daily rosaries kneeling before the cross that we had hung in our living room and we had the statue directly beneath it on the coffee table.

One day, my Mom and I were home alone together and we were saying our rosary and we were saying our prayers at the end of the rosary and we said the "Act of Contrition" and as I was saying "I firmly resolve with the help of your grace" this big booming voice of a man said the end of the prayer with me "to confess my sins, to do penance, and to amend my life." I immediately asked my Mom if she had heard that. She didn't and I told her what happened. I still to this day remember that voice and I believe it was the voice of God. There's no other explanation for it. Nobody else was home and it was a very powerful voice.

Another incident involving my parents happened when I was in junior high. My Mom and I are visited at times by Mother we can't see her...that's not what I mean. But, we pray to her often and she would visit us and give us her scent of roses to smell while she was visiting. You can smell it over and above anything else. I can't really explain it. Anyway, My Dad had gotten a motorcycle and my Mom and him had gone out riding. I was with some friends while they were gone for the day. Mom had seen a statue of Mary and said a Hail Mary (something we always used to do and still do to this day and I do it as well whenever I hear a fire truck or ambulance siren). Anyway, they pulled into a gas station to get some gas and my Mom said that this overwhelming scent of roses came over her. There weren't any roses around her and my Dad was fueling up with her still sitting on the bike. She couldnt' smell the gas at all and she went into prayer with Jesus and Mary. Dad got back on the bike and they drove off. Mom was still in prayer when a pick-up truck ran an intersection. She felt my Dad swerve, never opened her eyes as she was still in prayer...she had no idea what was happening around her. The truck totally ran into them and they should have been thrown from the bike and they both said that they should have been killed with what happened. My Dad said that it was almost like someone waved a hand over his eyes and took over the wheel and when he opened his eyes, the handle bars on the one side were bent (where his hands were) and the mirror was broken off. Neither one of them had a scratch on them and were totally fine. They both believe that Mother Mary intervened for them and protected them. Mom said that the smell of roses was with her through the whole thing. And Dad feels that either her or Jesus took over the wheel and closed his eyes at the point of impact. He said that he felt his eyes being closed.

I can't explain some of the things that have happened in our family, but never will I doubt divine intervention. There is a God, and Mother Mary is real as well. I don't think enough people give her credit. I just felt the need to share. It's been on my heart for awhile.

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Notice or No Notice?

Well, I gave my notice yesterday evening. My supervisor totally understood, but she was really sad about it. She went around giving breaks and someone asked her what was wrong and she told them that I had turned in my notice. He in turn came in and talked to me about things (this is the guy that I also go to church with and our families have come together somewhat). He kept telling me that he thought I needed to stay awhile longer and asked me my reasons for wanting to quit. I talked to him on and off for the rest of the night. He's frustrated that our company keeps losing the good people and he just wanted me to stay for awhile longer. I had a couple other people mention stuff to me throughout the rest of the night. My ops manager even said that he'd let me work Sundays only if I wanted to do that so that I could have Saturday to spend with my family. I left last night and came home and thought about things some more, talked with Andy, prayed about it and went to sleep. I woke up this morning and prayed about things some more, talked with Andy about what I was thinking, and I went up to Home Depot. I told them that I'd stay working there, but I may start taking a couple Saturdays off a month and I wanted to be able to close on Sundays so that I could go to church with my family. They were totally willing to accomodate me. So, I told them I'd see how things go for awhile and if it starts to be too much of an issue with the other stuff going on, then I'd turn in my final resignation. They were totally fine with that and happy that I agreed to stay. So, for now...I'm still an associate of the Depot.

Abba, please let things work out ok with my schedule at work so that I can still do the things that I need to do with my family and other things on the weekends too.


Sunday, August 05, 2007

We walked through our house for the very first time!

We got to walk through our very own house for the first time on the 3rd of August. If anyone wants to see some of the pics we took, you can view them on my house blog at

We are so excited to get in there now. It's going to be so nice!


Siding and Thermo-Ply

Here's our house on August 2, 2007. They put the siding up on the back of the house and the top of each side. The front and the bottom of the sides will be brick.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The beautiful full rainbow...

We saw this tonight. God has been speaking to me so much lately with rainbows...of course that's a whole other post in itself...but I just wanted to share. We got to see the full often does that happen? :-)


Framed with Windows Hung

Here's the house after the guys went home for the night tonight...the windows are hung and the bathtubs are even installed. :-)


Completely Framed

Here's the house all framed in. :-)


So many appointments...

So, yesterday Andy took a vacation day so we could go around and get all the appointments that we needed to get taken care of out of the way so that I could quit the depot. We had about 5 appts yesterday.

#1 I had my yearly appt with the ob-gyn. Talked to him about the problems with my cycle and the barely there periods and the 2-3 week thing where I'll bleed, pass a clot, bleeding stops for the day or two until I have another clot to pass. I cramp horribly during all of this sometimes. He said that I had 3 options since he felt that it was all due to my PCOS. I could choose to go back on the pill (not going to happen), go back on clomid (at $2k-$3k a cycle because insurance doesn't cover it not going to be an option), or do what I've been doing. Since it's not heavy bleeding I chose to do what I've been doing. He also said that my blood sugars, diet, and weight all are contributing factors and to continue to get back on my diet and see if the weight loss helps. To come back in a year or come back if I want to try fertility treatments again or if I manage to get pregnant on my own. I left feeling kinda mad, although I'm not sure why. The doctor's nice enough and he did congratulate us on becoming foster parents and hopes we get to adopt.

#2 Andy had to go to the dentist. He has to go back to get a cavity filled and to get a chipped tooth fixed and then he'll get his teeth cleaned. They just did x-rays and checked out his teeth at this appointment.

#3 I had to go to the eye doctor since I need to get my Texas driver's license and couldn't pass their vision test with my left eye. My right eye tested at 20/30 vision which passes. He did my left eye and he said I have a significant stigmatism and my vision in that eye is only testing at 20/50. I got contacts. Let the eye doctor put them in for me with no problems. Then, they made me take them out by myself and put them back in. I got a massive headache later on, took Deidra to cheerleading practice...came home and went to take them out. I dug in my left eye thinking the whole time that it was hurting, couldn't get the contact out so I went to my right eye. That one came out with no problem, went to dig in my left eye again when all of a sudden it dawned on must have fallen out. Made Andy check for me and he didn't see it either. I had to call and get another one today. Got them in today with no problems...but I keep moving them around to make sure that they're still in there. lol

#4 Andy went to the eye doctor too since it had been over a year. His eye glass perscription changed we're both going to get glasses too.

#5 I had to go get my brother from his therapy appointment. He stayed to help and run errands with us all day. He likes bee bopping around with me all day and we laugh and laugh. We're bad influences for one another really, but boy we have too much fun.

Of course, we had to go check on the progress of the house a couple of times too. I always go over once in the morning and we go after Andy gets home in the evening too. My brother laughs at me, but where he has therapy is not even 2 minutes from the new house and our current house is only about 5 minutes away.

I think I'm turning my 2 week notice in at work this weekend. :-)

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2nd floor framing...

This is the picture that we took last night. I can't believe how far they've gotten already and they were still working on it when we got there around 7:30 pm. They were there really early that morning too. Wow...I can't wait to see what it looks like tonight.